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After spending four years living in Japan and immersed in the culture, Danny Taing grew irritated with the lack of authentic Japanese snacks available in the United States. In 2016, he took action and founded Bokksu as a subscription box service to provide customers worldwide with authentic Japanese snacks and treats for an affordable price.

Each month, subscribers will receive a different box full of premium-quality Bokksu snacks shipped directly to their doorstep! But there’s a little more to it than that, so read below to learn more about what to expect with your first Bokksu snack box!

Ordering a Bokksu Box

Ordering a Bokksu box is very simple. After clicking “subscribe” on our website, you’ll be taken to an order page and must answer some simple questions. First, choose whether you want a subscription for our Tasting or Classic box. The Tasting box features 10-14 snacks, while the Classic box features 20-25 snacks, with the exact numbers depending on the month. Each box has the same overlying monthly theme, but the Classic box comes with more variety.

Both boxes also come with a complimentary tea pairing. Additionally, each box contains a 20+ page culture guide detailing the box’s contents and free international shipping from Japan. The guide describes how to pair snacks with either other treats or teas, the snack’s preparation and history, allergy information, and more.

When checking out, you must also choose a payment plan and subscription length. The best value is our 12-month subscription, where the Tasting box costs $24.99 a month while the Classic box costs $36.99 a month. Our most popular choice is the three-month subscription, where the Tasting box costs $25.99 while the Classic box costs $38.99.

There are also six-month and one-month plans, giving customers a wide range of choice and financial flexibility. Subscriptions are automatically renewed but can be paused, changed, or canceled at any time in your account settings page.

After selecting a payment plan, you’ll then be prompted to enter information about billing and shipping. You can also put in a promotional code at checkout, as Bokksu offers a free item when signing. This code changes month to month and can be found by scrolling down this page. By registering for Bokksu, you are also automatically signed up for our rewards program. Earning points leads to rewards such as a discount on your subscription or even a free box!

Boxes are shipped within five business days of ordering and take anywhere from one to four weeks to arrive. However, it could take up to six weeks because international packages can be delayed by customs or weather.

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What’s in Your First Box?

Congratulations! Your first Bokksu box has arrived! Regardless of that month’s specific theme, each customer’s first Bokksu box is the same. This Seasons of Japan box is meant to serve as an introduction not only to Bokksu, but to Japanese snacking as a whole. It features a wide array of traditional Japanese snacks from each of the four seasons, as typical Japanese cuisine changes with the calendar.

For example, our white chocolate infused strawberry snack represents a tasty spring treat while our yuzu sake candy is best enjoyed during the hot summer months. The black sesame taiko is a traditional fall treat, and then warm up in the winter with a piping hot cup of organic Genmaicha tea. Those are just four of the wonderful seasonal snacks featured in your first Bokksu box.

Monthly Themes

The “theme” of your box changes each month. We want each box and its contents to represent an element of seasonal or cultural importance in Japan. By changing our box’s contents each month, our subscribers are exposed to a wide variety of Japanese snacks, treats, and teas. They are also exposed to many elements of Japanese culture and society.

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For example, our “Snowy Hokkaido” box of December 2019 featured snacks and treats unique to Hokkaido, a region in northern Japan known as a real-life winter wonderland. The “Autumn in Kyoto” from November 2019 featured common autumn snacks from Kyoto, a beautiful and vibrant city on Honshu island. Click here for a full list of our past boxes, and many items from past boxes are also available for individual purchase on our marketplace.

For any other information concerning your first subscription box or anything else Bokksu-related,refer to our FAQ page orcontact us directly! We’re here to help you!

Bokksu Team
Bokksu Team

Our mission is to create global empathy through authentic storytelling and delicious Japanese snacks!