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Japanese Holidays & Festivals: February

Japanese Holidays & Festivals: February

Want to know what’s happening in Japan right now? Now you can! On the first of the month, we’ll share a monthly calendar of Japan’s upcoming holidays and notable festivals.

Check our instagram story on these dates to learn more about each holiday!

Feb 3: Setsubun

Falling on the eve of spring according to the lunar calendar, Setsubun is traditionally held to ward off evil spirits

Feb 3-11: Sapporo Snow Festival

One of Japan’s largest snow festivals, the Sapporo Snow Festival is known for its incredible snow and ice sculptures.

Feb 6-11: Asahikawa Winter Festival

A quieter alternative to the famous Sapporo snow festival, the Asahikawa Winter Festival boasts equally astonishing sculptures.

Feb 8-16: Otaru Snow Festival

The city of Otaru illuminates its picturesque canal.

Feb 11: Foundation Day (national holiday)

Celebrates the mythical foundation day of Japan and the rise of its first emperor.

Feb 23: Emperor’s Birthday (national holiday)

A public holiday to celebrate the birth of the current emperor, Naruhito.




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