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6 Snacks For Your Next Staff Meeting That Will Make Your Team Say “Ooh”

6 Snacks For Your Next Staff Meeting

Some workdays are filled with meetings, meetings, meetings. If you are looking for reinforcements to assure your team doesn’t run out of steam, look no further: our wide variety of authentic Japanese snacks are here to save the day! At the Bokksu Market, we have the best staff meeting snack ideas to cater to every kind of snack, flavor, and sensation your taste buds may crave.

orange tea pound cake

Early morning meeting? Why not stock the room with ​Orange Tea Pound Cake? ​We know it’s hard to believe that these tasty orange zest and black tea-flavored cakes are low carb, but we promise it’s true! Each box comes with 6 pieces, which makes them an easy plate filler and an even easier plate clearer!

Strawberry Tartlet​ from Ito Seika.

Perhaps your team has a collective sweet tooth? If that’s the case, you don’t want to miss out on the ​Strawberry Tartlet​ from Ito Seika. As much as you probably wish you could, you can’t wake up to the enchanting scent of baked goods in the oven every morning. But you can still enjoy a baked good every morning, and the Strawberry Tartlet is the quintessential early morning option. The jelly is gelatin-free (perfect for vegetarians), the biscuit is coated in butter, and the strawberries are as real as can be. Each order contains 8 cookies, so stock up and pig out!

Kocha Black Tea Donut. ​

Finally, if you are looking for the ideal component to accompany your morning tea or coffee, Tokyo Karinto has you covered with their amazing Kocha Black Tea Donut. This delectable donut is made with a black tea leave-infused batter for a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth experience. Plus, with the unforgettable aroma of Royal Milk Tea to top it off, your team is sure to come bounding into your morning meetings with nothing but a smile on their faces!

Of course, not every meeting is in the morning. Afternoon meetings can be just as tough; fighting fatigue, drowsiness, and procrastination is a feat that can be difficult to achieve. Luckily, Bokksu has the finest snacks to keep staff attentive, inspired, and firing on all cylinders, all hours of the day.

Calbee’s ​Jaga Pokkuru​

Let’s get real for a second: everybody loves French fries. They are pretty much the perfect snack, but put a Japanese spin on the potato classic, and they go from almost unbeatable to absolutely astounding. Calbee’s ​Jaga Pokkuru​ is a French fry like no other, made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes, specially roasted salt, and a buttery, crunchy exterior that makes every bite better than the last. Everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a universally loved snack!

Smile Harvest Savory Sesame Biscuits ​by Tohato​ ​

If you’re tired of searching for staff meeting snack idea inspiration, the Smile Harvest Savory Sesame Biscuits by Tohato​ ​are the ultimate upgrade to your corporate snack game. These biscuits are sure to take your taste buds on a journey, thanks to the baked-in flavor of the white sesame seeds and buttery finish. With 16 packs for just $12, it’s the perfect snack investment for larger teams!

M Baker’s Cookie: Custard Flavor​

Lastly, a staff meeting is nothing without a sweet treat, and the ​M Baker’s Cookie: Custard Flavor​ is exactly the kind of crowd pleaser you’re looking for! Maybe save it until after your presentation, though, because the richness of the vanilla mixed with the creaminess of the custard might leave your mouth too preoccupied to speak! Each order contains 14 pieces, which means there will be plenty to go around for everyone.

No matter what time of day your meeting may be, Bokksu has all your corporate snack delivery needs taken care of! With the Bokksu Market, now you can succeed in making your employees merry and your meetings memorable, thanks to these products and many more.

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