January 2018: Tisha Baker from Texas

by Mina Okamura

Tisha Baker from Texas

Member since June 2016

It's Member Spotlight time! Tisha has been a part of Bokksu Family since the very beginning in 2016 and I was happy to hear when she agreed to share her thoughts on Japanese snacks, which I found VERY helpful! Thank you Tisha - we look forward to sharing more Japanese snacks with you this year :)

1. How do you feel about being selected as our Bokksu Member Spotlight?

Honored and a little nervous honestly! 😶

2. What do you find most exciting about Japanese snacks?

Discovering a culture through flavor... tasting something familiar in some ways, but also very different than your own. It's just another fun way to learn about cultures outside of your own.

3. What made you fall in love with Japanese snacks?

How different they are from your typical "western" style snack. I've found the flavors are more subtle, more refined. Sweet snacks don't tend to hit you in the face with SUGAR like most American sweets do. So it's a nice change of pace. There also feels like there is more pride in what each area of Japan produces, more history and care to what goes into the foods.

4. What was your favorite snack and/or favorite theme in our past boxes?

I love the salty and sweet cheese snacks, like the Okinawa Salt Cheese cookie. And anything with brown sugar, like the Brown Sugar Okinawa Chinsuko. My favorite themes have been the tea themes, the special Kit-Kat box, and the Kuro themed box from back in 2016 I believe.

5. On average, how long does your Bokksu last before you finish the whole box?

My husband and I try really hard to make it last until the next box! 😛

6. What Japanese snack would you like to see in a future Bokksu?

Some type of mochi or cheesecake. It's also neat to try Japanese versions of western snacks, like Oreo and Kit-Kat for example.

7. What is a future theme you would like to see Bokksu do?

More of the Okinawa brown sugar items, salty snacks... maybe even a sort of beer/sake snack theme of items you pair with that type of drink.

8. How would you describe the feeling you get when you’re about to open your Bokksu?

Excited and curious. "Where will you take our taste buds this month?" 😁

9. What are you excited about for 2018?

Sharing more Japanese culture with friends and family... and all the new Bokksu to come! 😄

10. What is one Japanese food you just can’t get enough of (doesn’t have to be a Bokksu snack)?

Sashimi, takoyaki, roasted green tea Kit-Kats and anything wasabi flavored 😃

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