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Nekocha Green Tea (6 Bags)

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Nekocha Green Tea (6 Bags)
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Product Description

Green tea and cat lovers rejoice! Ideal for any palate cleansing or simply to refresh yourself, treat yourself to a cup of green tea sourced from Shizuoka. At the end of each bag, you'll find an adorable little cat doing all the things cats are iconic for doing -- from stretching, to playing, to just being adorable. When you're done steeping, save the cute tag at the end of your teabag and make a garland like the one shown on the back of the package! 

    Brewing Instructions

    Using hot water (80-90C/180-190F) steep the tea bag for at least 30 seconds or to taste. The maker recommends not using boiling water, as the high temperature can result in a bitter flavor.


    • Product of Shizuoka Prefecture
    • Common Allergens: None
    • Vegetarian
    • 6 Tea Bags

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