Where To Get Rare Pocky Flavors

by Danny Taing

As you might have read about on our blog before, Pocky Sticks are a beloved Japanese snack. All Pocky consists of crispy, thin biscuit sticks coated on one end with chocolate, strawberry, or, as you will see, other unique and fun flavorings. They can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways: as a delicious snack all on their own, as a garnish on a dessert dish, or as a stirrer in a drink like hot chocolate! Pocky Sticks first entered the market in 1966 in Japan, and by the 1980s, it caught on so much that more creatively flavored Pocky were being invented.

Listed below are some unique Pocky flavors that can be found at Japanese candy stores and markets. If you keep scrolling, you will also see a tantalizing list of Pocky that are available right here on Bokksu’s very own marketplace!

orange peel pocky

A simple but exciting take on traditional chocolate Pocky is a tangy orange peel Pocky – the biscuits are infused with orange, and the dipping is coated in orange peel and cocoa clusters. If you are in the mood for something more colorful and festive, DreamPocky is a bright rainbow combination. The package contains flavors ranging from strawberry, grape, and green tea to grape and cantaloupe. Taste a twist on a timeless desert with Cheesecake Pocky. This flavor is meant to encapsulate the lightness and fluffiness of Japanese cheesecake with a subtle and delicate lemon cream dipping.

you deserve authentic Japanese treats

cookies and cream pocky

Of course, no Pocky list would be complete without mentioning Cookies and Cream Pocky, a classic crowd favorite flavor. This Pocky has cookie crumbles sprinkled throughout the milky chocolate coating. For an extra crunch, the Coconut Chocolate Pocky is perfect. The Pocky’s traditional biscuit and chocolate dipping are elevated with a layer of coconut flakes! If you really want to go off the Pocky deep end, try out the Kurogoma Black Sesame Pocky – this variation is considered an acquired taste. This Pocky packs a double punch; the flavor starts out sweet from the airy and mild coating, but soon after, the bitterness of the sesame seeds takes over and leaves behind a sting. If you are curious about this flavoring, check out our black sesame cookies!

And lastly, but most certainly not least, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can find some awesome interesting Pocky flavors right here on our Bokksu Marketplace! Check them out below:

Pocky: otona no kohaku adult amber

Pocky: Otona no Kohaku Adult Amber

This grown-up Pocky was designed with whiskey in mind! You read that right – whiskey! Otona no Kohaku is made with salt-coated dark chocolate that partners flawlessly with your favorite whiskey’s smokey, spicy flavor. As if it could not get any more perfect, the Pocky’s biscuit has an additional malt extract ingredient.

almond milk pocky

Pocky: Zeitaku Almond Milk

This Pocky gives almond milk a whole new life. This Pocky completely transforms almond milk from a common cereal or coffee additive into a dreamy, velvety chocolate biscuit coating. The nuttiness of the milk plays a vital role in the flavor of this luxury Pocky. Moreover, the soft and smooth coating is such a pleasant contrast to the biscuit’s crunchiness.

winter butter golden caramel pocky

Pocky: Winter Golden Butter Caramel

Act fast – this Pocky is a winter exclusive! This variety’s biscuit is what makes this Pocky stand out from the crowd. Browned butter has been mixed into the biscuit dough, giving the crunchy treat a nutty and warm flavor. As a wonderful complement, the coating is flavored with a mix of rich caramel and chocolate, giving the treat a perfect hint of saltiness.

As you have just read about, Pocky comes in a wide variety of flavor profiles and levels of savory and sweetness. We hope that whether you are a Pocky professional or someone who asked, “what even is Pocky!?” as you clicked on this article, you found a variety that is calling your name. Let us know what you, and be sure to keep checking out our Pocky selection, as we are always bringing you new flavors!

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