What's special about Japanese Bakeries?

by Courtney Thompson

There are a lot of great snacks to try if you’re visiting Japan, but for many people, street food and fun candies are often what come to mind first. However, Japan also has a delicious array of baked goods that are unique from what you can find in other bakeries. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, be sure to check out some of the wonderful Japanese bakeries while you’re there!

Japanese Bakery

As with any other bakery, warm, fresh bread and pastries are a staple of Japanese bakeries. However, you’ll also find many different Japanese snacks and unique mochi flavors at a Japanese bakery. There are chain and independent bakeries throughout Japan, and they are especially common in shopping areas and train stations. Many of Japan’s grocery stores also feature well-stocked bakery departments that produce fresh goods each day, so it’s easy to come by Japanese baked goods. If you live outside of Japan, you may be able to find some Japanese baked goods 

After standard loafs of Japanese bread, one of the most popular items you’ll find in a Japanese bakery is anpan, which is a type of sweet bread bun usually filled with red bean paste. This simple snack is perfect to have any time of day, with a good balance of sweetness that doesn’t confine it to a dessert. Anpan is a good example of how Japanese bakeries and other bakeries differ. American and French bakeries, for example, feature a lot of flaky pastries, and while Japan does have some of these types of snacks, they typically prefer a fluffy bread like anpan.

If you are looking for a dessert, consider trying melonpan. Unlike anpan, this is a very sweet Japanese snack. Melonpan is a type of sweet roll with a cookie outer layer. It is sometimes filled with cream or ice cream and resembles a melon due to its shape and pattern. Melonpan can come plain or in a variety of flavors, including melon, which is fitting for the name.

Mochi is another popular item at Japanese bakeries, and you can find many different types and flavors of mochi such as daifuku and dango. Some of the unique mochi flavors you’ll find at a Japanese bakery may include seasonal flavors like strawberry or mint, and you can also find experimental flavors that the individual bakeries create.

On the other side of the spectrum, you can also find savory food at a Japanese bakery. Savory Japanese bread is a popular item and they typically feature things like cheese, meat and seasonings. Japanese bakeries usually offer sandwiches for a more complete meal as well, and you can enjoy many different types of sandwiches made with fresh baked Japanese bread. One common sandwich is the tonkatsu sando, which consists of a breaded and fried pork cutlet in between two slices of bread.

Whether you have a preference for sweet or savory snacks, you’re sure to find something delicious at a Japanese bakery. Japanese bakeries offer a wonderful assortment of Japanese snacks that are worth trying, so follow the delicious smell of fresh-baked goods into a Japanese bakery the next time you’re in Japan!

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