Bokksu Recommends the Best Kiki’s Delivery Service Snacks

by Bokksu Staff

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a 1989 Studio Ghibli animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It is about a teenager named Kiki who is living alone for the first time while she is in training to be a witch. Kiki take advantage of her magical talent on her broomstick to start a delivery service, and she encounters many trials, tribulations, and adventures in this coming of age movie. Kiki’s friends are her cat (Jiji), the baker who lets her live in the attic (Osono), her artist friend (Ursula), and a boy who befriends her (Tombo).

Studio Ghibli characters are unforgettable, and Kiki’s Delivery Service characters are no exception. Everyone can identify with one of the stars of Kiki’s Delivery Service. If you know people who love Kiki’s Delivery Service, how about buying them some Japanese sweets, snacks, or other gifts to remind them of their favorite characters? Match the personality of the characters with some delicious treats and adorable items offered on Bokksu Boutique!

Kiki’s Delivery Service Characters

The main character, Kiki, is plucky, brave, and independent. Mike Popcorn: Yuzu Pepper is the snack that goes with Kiki. The tangy citrus flavor of yuzu combined with the spicy kick of pepper represents Kiki’s bold and adventuresome personality.

Mike Popcorn: Yuzu Pepper

An homage to the giant red bow that Kiki wears in her hair is Strawberry Azuki Crunch, a Japanese snack made from puffy rice, white chocolate, strawberry, and red azuki beans. It’s both crunchy and fruity, light and sweet—just like Kiki’s early teen spirit.

Strawberry Azuki Crunch


Jiji is Kiki’s trusty black feline sidekick. Jiji is curious, logical, and a bit snarky. What better Japanese snack to represent Jiji than Kokuto Black Sugar Candied Walnuts. These delicious, crumbly walnuts are coated in Okinawan black sugar, which gives it the perfect balance of nutty and sweet.

Kokuto Black Sugar Candied Walnuts


Because this walnut treat is on the sweeter side, pair it with Black Sesame Latte (Unsweetened). Wise and elegant like Jiji, but also not afraid to be outspoken, this latte tea powder describes Jiji to a tee. The versatile powder can be made into a tea or sprinkled in baked goods.

Black Sesame Latte (Unsweetened)

Tombo loves airplanes and flight, and Kiki’s ability to fly is what attracted him to her in the first place. A nod to the pack of peanuts given on airplanes is represented by these OFU Smoked Cracker and Peanuts: Shichimi Seven-Flavor. Tombo is also on the nerdy, complex side, which is captured by the spice mixture found in shichimi seasonings. This savory umami snack packs a delicious and robust punch for all the Tombo fans out there.

OFU Smoked Cracker and Peanuts: Shichimi Seven-Flavor


Ursula is Kiki’s older friend who is a painter and free spirit. Ursula’s love of colors as an artist can be conveyed by this Colorful Komachi Rice Cracker Mix. The flavors of these crunchy little senbei crackers are as creative and varied as an artist’s imagination: seaweed, shrimp, and soy sauce.

Colorful Komachi Rice Cracker Mix


Another display of colors that Ursula would approve of is the Daimonji Ame Honpo Japanese Candy Gift Box. With colors as varied as Ursula’s palette of paints, it is an authentic Japanese candy box that contains traditionally flavored hard candies in an array of flavors, such as cherry blossom and persimmon.

Daimonji Ame Honpo Japanese Candy Gift Box

Last but not least, Osono is a kind and generous baker who takes Kiki in. Nothing expresses compassion and comfort more than bread. Natural Yeast Bread: Hokkaido Cream is a soft, fluffy, sweet, cream-filled bun—the essence of Osono’s love of baking and maternal warmth.

Natural Yeast Bread: Hokkaido Cream

For those who want a subtle green tea undertone in their heavenly bun, this is the ticket: Natural Yeast Bread: Uji Matcha.

Natural Yeast Bread: Uji Matcha

You can order these snacks online following your favorite anime themes, in addition to other Japanese sweets, by going to Bokksu Boutique and finding exactly what you’re craving. You can also sign up for Bokksu’s Japanese snack subscription box. This lets you select a box of assorted Japanese desserts or savory items to show up every month at your door.

Other Products for Lovers of Kiki’s Delivery Service

Not in the mood for snacks? No worries, you can purchase nonedible products related to Kiki’s Delivery Service characters as well on Bokksu Boutique. They make great gifts for your loved ones who are fans of Kiki and her entourage. Here are some offerings:

  • Kiki’s Delivery Service Stackable Figure Set—Little figurines of Jiji and Lily, their kittens, a broom, radio, milk, and other items that can be stacked and arranged to fulfill your imagination!
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service Mochimochi Cushion—An adorable plush floor pillow with an embroidered design starring Jiji in the center of a ring of bread
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service Food Containers + Towel—Featuring the main character, Kiki, in a few poses on three sturdy food containers and Jiji, her cat BFF, on a towel (great for school lunches!)
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service Origami Set—A cute case that holds origami paper and instructions for creating 13 different characters and props from the film

Whether you’re in search of Japanese snacks or nonfood Japanese presents this holiday season, look no further than Bokksu, your one-stop store that has something for everyone.

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