Top 7 Reasons to Subscribe to Bokksu!

by Courtney Thompson

If you love Japanese snacks, Bokksu’s snack subscription box may be the perfect service for you! There are so many things that make Bokksu great, from the delicious snacks to the shopping convenience. Here are 7 reasons to subscribe to Bokksu if you haven’t already!

Bokksu Monthly Japanese Snack Subscription Box

1. Bokksu is the perfect monthly treat to give yourself! Every month you’ll receive your Bokksu snack box in the mail and it will be like getting a present from yourself. Knowing that you have a Bokksu box on the way gives you something to look forward to each month, and opening up your box is an exciting monthly pick-me-up!

2. Not only is Bokksu a great gift to give yourself, but it’s the perfect gift idea for others! Whether it’s a holiday or birthday, a snack subscription box is a great gift for any occasion! There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a delicious assortment of Japanese candy and snacks, and Bokksu even comes in a beautiful box, making it perfectly giftable!

Kansai Autumn Bokksu

3. If you haven’t had many Japanese snacks before, Bokksu is a great way to try a huge variety of what Japan has to offer! Those with a sweet tooth will love trying Bokksu’s Japanese candy and chocolates, and those who prefer savory snacks will enjoy trying things like ramen, chips, and more! Bokksu even has delicious drink options to try, including Japanese tea and latte mixes. Each month your Bokksu Box will have a new assortment of 22-24 Japanese snacks and tea, making each month of Bokksu an exciting new experience!

4. Another reason to subscribe to Bokksu is for the convenience. All you have to do is click a few buttons and you’ll have an array of snacks delivered straight to your door! Scouring specialty stores and online retailers for Japanese snacks can be time consuming and expensive, but with Bokksu, you can find all these delicious Japanese snacks online and have them delivered in a monthly Japanese snack box!

5. Bokksu offers unique Japanese snacks that you can’t find in stores outside of Japan, and not only can these snacks be difficult to find elsewhere, but with Bokksu, you don’t have to go through the effort of picking out which snacks to try. Each Bokksu Box features a curated collection of snacks featuring some bestselling products, some brand new products, and some hidden gems!

6. If you need another reason to subscribe to Bokksu, the quality of the snacks makes this the best Japanese snack box on the market! Bokksu selects all of its snacks with care so you can be certain that you’re always getting the highest quality products in every box! You can even learn about where each snack comes from and how it’s made in Bokksu’s culture guide, which is included in every Bokksu box.

7. Last but certainly not least, you can feel good about subscribing to Bokksu because you’ll also be supporting local Japanese makers! Bokksu sources all of their products from Japan and works with many family-owned businesses to support cultural sustainability. It’s important to know where your food is coming from, and with Bokksu you’ll always have this peace of mind!

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