Top 5 Instant Ramen

by Fiona Cheung

For those busy days or just because, what’s a better way to satiate your hunger and your taste buds, than a delicious bowl of instant ramen? Instant ramen is a great meal that is both comforting and incredibly convenient. All you need to get a quick and delicious meal is a cup of instant ramen, some hot water, and 2-3 minutes of your precious time. And just because the food is instant doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice in flavor. Instant ramen noodles come in so many different flavors, both conventional and unique, with flavors that can rival the real thing itself. For those of you who have an instant ramen craving but don’t know what exactly you’re feeling, below is a list of top 5 instant ramen that you can have delivered right to your doorsteps:

 nissin foods ramen

  1. Nissin Raoh: Rich Miso Ramen

The miso ramen is a classic and popular ramen flavor. Miso is a popular Japanese seasoning made from fermented grains and soybeans, with the flavor described as a combination of salty cheese and nuts. On a quest to recreate restaurant quality miso ramen in an instant experience, Nissin’s Rich Miso Ramen is a flavorful instant ramen that has a rich and cloudy miso-based broth, with a splash of chili oil for an added kick. Thin straight noodles are topped with sweet corn, cabbage, scallions, sesame seeds, and real ground pork to replicate that real miso ramen experience. Each bite of this instant ramen will be chewy and incredibly flavorful.

sugomen hakata tonkotsu ramen bokksu

  1. Sugomen: Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkatsu ramen is probably one of the most popular ramen flavors. Tonkatsu ramen is made with a pork bone based broth that is rich and creamy in texture and flavor. With the Hakata Tonkatsu instant ramen you can taste the regional flavors of an actual bowl of Hakata Tonkatsu ramen in just 2 minutes! The thick soup base mimics the richness of a bowl of tonkatsu broth, and slices of dehydrated slice pork bring the flavors together. This instant ramen comes with thin noodles that were fried to ensure that they stay perfectly chewy with every bite even after cooking. The noodles are garnished with green onions and sesame seeds to bring together a delicious and savory instant dish.

  1. Nissin Raoh: Shoyu Soy Sauce Ramen

Shoyu ramen, another classic ramen flavor is made with a soy sauce base. Shoyu ramen is often lighter in pallete compared to miso and tonkatsu ramens, but it definitely doesn’t lose in flavor. The Nissin Shoyu Soy Sauce Ramen is an umami-rich instant ramen that is incredibly savory in flavor. The soy sauce base for this instant ramen is dark and clear with chicken and pork fat added for an extra richness to the broth. The noodles are thin which keep them chewier for longer and the added scallions cut through the rich broth to keep the flavor palette light and balanced. Even better yet—all of this is topped with delicious sliced pork.



  1. Pokémon Noodle: Soy Sauce Flavor

This is another shoyu ramen recommendation, but the Pokemon packaging is so darn cute, it’s hard to resist. This is a smaller shoyu ramen that features popular Pokeman characters making it perfect for both children and adults alike. Unlike the Nissin Shoyu Soy Sauce instant ramen, the Pokemon Noodle Soy Sauce Flavor instant ramen comes with wavy noodles. The noodles are topped with corn and adorable Pickachu kamaboko fish cake slices. To add and extra layer of fun, each cup of these Pokemon Noodle instant ramen come with collectible character stickers. With 20 different characters, can you catch them all?


  1. Nissin: European Cheese Curry Cup Noodle

All of the other recommendations were more traditional in flavor, but if you’re in the mood for something different, you can change it up with the Nissin European Cheese Curry Cup Noodle. Definitely not conventional, but still delicious and unique, this instant noodle is European influenced and comes with a thick and rich beef curry broth. The noodles are topped with chopped mushrooms, carrots, ground beef, and melty mozzarella and cheddar cheese to add extra layers of flavor. This instant ramen has a hint of sweetness and mild spiciness to add to the depth of the rich and savory broth.

Another convenient way to get ramen in a flash? This Japanese ramen vending machine!

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