Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Impress Your Employees

by Dallas Ernst

The holidays are a time for giving. If you’re searching for some unique employee appreciation presents or a nice gift box everyone in the office can enjoy, look no further than this list.

Who doesn’t loves a tasty snack—especially around the holidays? From an assortment of tea and cookie gift boxes to mixed collections of sweet and savory snacks, show your employees some appreciation with a thoughtful and unique holiday gift.

December '20 Bokksu: Winter in Hokkaido Bokksu Box

Wow your office staff and celebrate the winter season with this gift box featuring a mix of tasty seasonal goodies.

From savory snacks like baked Potato Chips: Hokkaido Rich Butter, spicy, citrusy Usuyaki Yuzu Papper Senbei and crunchy, corny Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yaki Toukibi to sweet treats like soft, creamy Funwari Baumkuchen: White Chocolate, chewy White Peach Kibi Dango Mochi, and festive Totteppo Sable Cookie: Chocolate & Berry, this box has something for every taste!

A Cookie Gift Box

You’ll find several popular cookie gift box sets at the Bokksu Boutique. Each would make a great present for individual employees or a nice gift for the whole office to share.

The Fuubian Gift Box: Langue De Chat Cookies contains 20 luxurious treats. These crave-worthy sandwich cookies feature four different flavors, including Strawberry Parfait, Pudding a la mode, Sweet Potato Langue and Chocolate Banana.

Experience flavors of Japan right from home

The Maple Butter Cookie gift box includes 18 buttery, maple-flavored cookies sandwiching a sweet, vanilla and white chocolate cream filling. These cookies pair well with a cup of tea and are a best seller among Bokksu members.

Or, there’s the 21-piece Shiroi Koibito: White + Black cookie gift box. These sandwich cookies are delicate and buttery while both the white and milk chocolate fillings are creamy and delicious.

No matter which collection you choose, you can’t go wrong gifting cookies for the holidays!

Kagoshima Seicha Gift Box: Satsumarche Tea Bags

Keep any caffeine-fueled office buzzing with this gift box. It features seven unique flavors of tea for a total of 49 Satsumarche tea bags.

This collection of high-quality teas includes mostly green teas, including citrusy Sakurajima Komikan Tea, aromatic and savory Kagoshima Chiran Tea, light and fresh Fukamushi Tea, fruity Yuzu Ryokucha Green Tea, and tasty Green Tea with Matcha.

For those who prefer darker tea, there’s also a mildly bitter Kagoshima Benifuuki Black Tea.

Nakajima Taishodo Gift Box: Japanese Baked Goods

This gift box features six different types of Japanese treats, including cakes, cookies, and even a fun play on pie.

For a total of 25 pieces, this sweet collection includes three types of cakes—bittersweet Matcha, fluffy Honey Castella, and soft Chestnut cake—along with a nutty, mildly sweet Black Sesame Cookie, flaky-crusted Walnut Red Bean Pie, and shaped Sweet Potato Galette. Straight from Nakajima Taishodo, an Osaka-based confectionary, these sweets are sure to impress.

Businesses can’t function without employees. Show your hardworking staff some appreciation and make any corporate holiday event a little better with a tasty Japanese gift box.

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