Perfect Gifts for a Super Mario Fan!

by Krystina Quintana

Are you left wondering what to purchase for your Super Mario loving best friend, boyfriend, or family member? Avoid the headache and online search by checking out Bokksu Boutique with fun (and adorable!) offerings, including Super Mario-based Japanese toys. Read on for gift ideas that check all the Super Mario fan boxes.

1. Mini Yoshi Plush

It’s hard to go wrong with this Alpha Mini Yoshi Plush. The beloved character well-known for his goofy sounds throughout Super Mario, Mario Party, and Mario Kart is an ideal gift for any Super Mario lover. This Yoshi plush is not only adorable but super soft and squishy. Grab this item for younger super fans and older super fans alike. It's the perfect accent to a growing Super Mario collection that won't take up too much room!

Alpha Mini Yoshi Plush


2. Mini Kirby Plush

This Alpha Mini Kirby Plush is small yet mighty, just like the character! Anyone who receives this plushie can display it proudly on their shelf or carry it with them as it doubles as a keychain. Anyone who has played Super Smash Bros (another throwback) will adore this cute plush toy. It’s the perfect size to carry around everywhere.

Alpha Mini Kirby Plush

3. Super Mario Piranha Plant Game

The Tokiwa Shoji Super Mario Piranha Plant Game is one board game that will unite all Super Mario fans and get everyone off of their devices! You and your loved ones can choose between popular Mario characters like Peach, Mario, and Luigi as gameboard pieces.

As you shift your character around the board, you'll collect coins like in many Mario games, all while avoiding the powerful Piranha Plant. This game is a fun way for families to participate in an activity together and celebrate their shared enjoyment of Super Mario. The gameboard pieces double as Mario toys that children can play with outside of the game.

Tokiwa Shoji Super Mario Piranha Plant Game

4. Super Mario Air Hockey

This Tokiwa Shoji Super Mario Air Hockey game is a top choice for those who love active games and can never get enough air hockey. As far as Super Mario toys, this game is at the top. A Koopa shell puck is what turns this competitive game into a Super Mario fan's favorite to reach for over and over again.

The best part? You don't need an air hockey table to challenge your friends to a game. This set works on tables, countertops; you name it! Don't get knocked out by the deadly Koopa shell, and you can call yourself the winner of this intense game.

Tokiwa Shoji Super Mario Air Hockey game

5. Super Mario Japanese Tea Cup

It's true; you can never have enough tea and coffee cups. If you're looking for a gift for an adult Mario superfan who wants to be more discreet about their love of the game, opt for a Brai Enterprise Super Mario Japanese Tea Cup. This tea cup comes in four different designs, with Mario demonstrating his classic jump move and even one cup with popular Mario characters.

Your loved ones can use this cup for hot and cold drinks, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. Plus, with multiple designs available, you can grab one for each Super Mario fan in your life. Or, purchase one for each family member to connect during your morning coffee together.

Super Mario Japanese Tea Cup

If you’re on the hunt for additional gift ideas, Bokksu Boutique holds an array of Japanese snacks, Japanese candies, and Japanese snack subscription box items to shop. Choose between predetermined Japanese snack box choices with your family and friends' favorite Japanese sweets. Or, curate your own Japanese candy box. Don’t forget to include a piece (or more!) of Japanese candy for yourself!

By Krystina Quintana

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