Takoyaki: The Amazing Japanese Street Food!

by Krystina Quintana

Japanese street food is a big deal in Japan. It’s seen on many streets and has a long history dating back to the Meiji period (17th century). In Japan, the street food is served from a yatai, a food pushcart with wheels.

If you’ve traveled to Japan, you’re like to have tried common street foods like Yakatori and Oden. One street food not to miss? Takoyaki.

What Is Takoyaki?

You may be wondering, what is Takoyaki and what makes it so special? This street food is also known as octopus balls. Takoyaki is a tasty, fried ball with octopus pieces cooked on a particular Takoyaki grill, which helps form the ball shape that these popular Japanese snacks are sold in.

What Is Takoyaki Made Of?

Takoyaki is made from chunks of octopus, ginger that has been pickled, tempura morsels, slices of green onion combined with a dashi broth batter. While octopus bits are the most common ingredient, other versions of Takoyaki include fillings like squid, shrimp, oyster, and even sausage on occasion

When you purchase this delicious Japanese snack, you’ll find Takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, dried fish flakes, and dried nori flakes on top.

What Does Takoyaki Taste Like?

Takoyaki offers the perfect combination of fried, creamy, sweet, and salty due to the variety of toppings and fillings. The outside of these octopus balls is golden brown and offers a slight crunch, giving way to a delicious, moist, squishy interior.

How To Make Takoyaki at Home

Of course, after reading all about Takoyaki and how tasty it is, you’ll want to make a homemade version to satisfy your cravings! If you’d prefer to have it in snack form without much preparation, you can purchase Japan Frito-Lay Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs (1 Bag)

Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs (1 Bag)

and Riska Umaiwa: Takoyaki Corn Puff.

Umaiwa: Takoyaki Corn Puff

These delicious takoyaki corn puffs offer takoyaki flavor with a crunchy, puffed-up consistency, making them delicious snacks.

For those who prefer to make Takoyaki at home. Here’s an easy recipe that you can whip up in no time!

Easy Takoyaki Recipe

1. Create your batter using flour, baking powder, eggs, soy sauce, and On The Umami Dashi Powder: Bonito & Kombu (8 Packs) to add a delicious umami taste to the batter.

    Dashi Powder: Bonito & Kombu (8 Packs)

    2. Here's the fun part, you get to be creative with the fillings and add in whatever calls to you! You can include Kokubu Tinned Otsumami: Sea Urchin (1 Can), also known as uni, for those who have a more adventurous taste.

    Kokubu Tinned Otsumami: Sea Urchin (1 Can)

    Other options for fillings include Kokubu Tinned Otsumami: Snow Crab Steamed with Sake (1 Can),

    Kokubu Tinned Otsumami: Snow Crab Steamed with Sake (1 Can)

    Kokubu Tinned Otsumami: Smoked Hiroshima Oyster in Oil (1 Can).

    Kokubu Tinned Otsumami: Smoked Hiroshima Oyster in Oil (1 Can)

    Or, mix it up with Maruka Shokuhin Seaweed Tempura and Shrimp Chips Mix: Plum + Red Shiso (1 Bag) for a tempura taste and unexpected spicy flavor. 

    Maruka Shokuhin Seaweed Tempura and Shrimp Chips Mix: Plum + Red Shiso (1 Bag)

    3. Pour the batter into your takoyaki cooker or a takoyaki grill, then finish it off with your favorite Japanese mayo, okonomoi sauce, or Takoyaki sauce, and sprinkle some Yawata Isogoro Shichimi Powder Set (3 Cans) on top for extra flavor.

    Yawata Isogoro Shichimi Powder Set (3 Cans)

    Now you’re ready to munch on your homemade version of Takoyaki!

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    By Krystina Quintana

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