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by Danny Taing September 04, 2016

  Nagasaki, 1870
Nagasaki c. 1870

Nagasaki is the capital city of Nagasaki Prefecture, which is one of the seven prefectures that make up the island of Kyushu. Nagasaki's first contact with Portuguese explorers in the 16th century transformed it from a small fishing village to a thriving port city that served as one of Japan's only bridges to the rest of the world up until the 19th century. Nagasaki is also one of the few cities in Japan with heavy Christian influences due to its extensive trading with the Portuguese and Dutch. The featured snack of September Bokksu comes from the historical and diverse Nagasaki.


Cruz means “Cross” in Portuguese and comes from Nagasaki, a port city that has Christian influences from its extensive trading in the past with the Portuguese and Dutch. Cruz gets its namesake from the depiction of a cross printed on the face of each flaky piece. Cruz is a delicious harmony of white chocolate and ginger sandwiched between two crisp wafers. We’ve included three flavors for you to try: Original, Strawberry, and Coffee.

Cruz Original Coffee Strawberry

Happy snacking!

Danny Taing
Danny Taing

Danny is the Founder of Bokksu, which is the culmination of his passions for delicious foods and Japanese culture. He spent four years living and working in Japan, where he often traveled to different regions and tried as many local snacks as he could find.

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