Popular Japanese Snacks of 2021 so far

by Melanie Totenberg

Japanese snacks are constantly changing to reflect the seasons and food trends, from modern updates on traditional sweets to unique and interesting flavor combinations. For people outside of Japan, it can be hard to keep track of all the popular Japanese snacks on offer. The Bokksu Boutique has you covered with an array of Japanese snack picks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. But if you’re still unsure of where to start, we’ll walk you through the best Japanese snacks of 2021 right now.

Orange Mochi


Soft and chewy, mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert often filled with sweetened bean paste. It’s a sweet loved by all. These days you’ll also find mochi with flavored creams and custards fillings or even various fruit-flavored mochi. 

If you want to try a modern remix on a classic Japanese street food,  Ito Seika’s Mitarashi Dango Mochi is sure to delight. Mitarashi dango are skewered chewy rice dumplings that are grilled and then coated with a sweet soy glaze. Ito Seika’s version uses mochi instead, which is filled with the sweet soy glaze to create a new experience with a familiar flavor.

Mitarashi Dango Mochi

For a more fun flavor, inspired by another beloved Japanese dessert, check out Tomatsu Pudding Daifuku Mochi. Japanese purin, or pudding, is similar to creme caramel or flan and is so popular that you can find many varieties at supermarkets and convenience stores. There’s even a beloved Sanrio character named after the sweet treat, Pompompurin. Tomatsu’s pudding mochi is stuffed with pudding that is surrounded by a thin layer of caramel flavored marshmallow.


If you visit ever Japan in Spring, you’re sure to encounter countless delicious sakura flavored snacks and sweets. If you’re unable to make the trip, don’t feel left out. Last April, Bokksu curated a Japanese snack box on the theme Spring Sakura featuring a selection of sweets and treats you won’t find in your local Japanese grocery store. While this box is no longer available through our Japanese snack subscription service, you can still find many of these items through Bokksu Boutique.

Sakura Green Tea

Kagoshima Seicha’s Sakura Green Tea was part of Bokksu’s April snack box, and if you missed it then you can still pick it up. It’s a delicate floral ryokucha green tea scented with cherry blossom flowers. The beautifully sweet aroma will brighten your day.

Pair a cup of sakura green tea with Chinpindo Sakura Chinsuko cookies. These cookies are made using sakura leaves for a floral hint of flavor and are similar in texture to a shortbread cookie. Chinsuko are an Okinawan specialty and frequently given as omiyage, food souvenirs. This light delicate cookie will go well with any tea of your choice.


Matcha isn’t just a popular tea. It also remains one of the most popular Japanese snack and dessert flavors. While in the U.S. vanilla and chocolate reign supreme, matcha is probably the most common flavor among Japanese people. It can easily be found everywhere from the smallest Japanese grocery store to a Japanese bakery.

Matcha snack box and matcha snack bundle

It’s so popular that Bokksu has created a box themed around it. The Matcha Box is a Japanese snack box made for the matcha lover. If you were looking to give someone an assortment of matcha snacks it makes the perfect gift and saves you the hassle of looking high and low for the perfect treats to include. It includes an assortment of our best matcha sweets and teas, such as cookies, Kit Kats, and latte mix to name a few that you or whoever will receive it will love. You might even say it will be a matcha made in heaven.

If you’re looking for a matcha snack on a smaller scale, may we suggest Ginnoshio’s The Sable: Uji Matcha with Nama Choco. A sable is a French shortbread cookie, but this version ups the ante by adding matcha powder and nama chocolate, essentially chocolate ganache. The combination of the earthy tea with the rich chocolatey center is sure to be a hit.

With so many options, choosing can feel overwhelming, but Bokksu is here to make it easier. Consider Bokksu’s Japanese snack subscription box. Every month Bokksu picks a selection of popular Japanese sweets and treats based on a theme, which is a fun way to discover and try new and unique snacks. Whatever you choose, we hope this helped you select your next favorite snack.

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