Perfect Gifts For A Totoro Fan

by Melanie Totenberg

Say goodbye to spending countless hours trying to think of the perfect gift, we’ve got some great Studio Ghibli merch for any My Neighbor Totoro fan. Your search for unique gifts straight from Japan for friends and family who love all things Studio Ghibli ends with Bokksu Boutique. Let’s take a look at some of our top Studio Ghibli merch picks to get you inspired.

Totoro Snack Bowl

  1. Totoro Snack Bowl

This beautiful bowl is made in the style of traditional Japanese lacquerware with its bright red interior, black exterior, and traditional Japanese motifs. It makes an ideal gift for adult fans with a love and appreciation for Studio Ghibli characters, but who don’t want Studio Ghibli merch that overtly proclaims it. Incorporated throughout its traditional motifs are subtle Totoro illustrations. This bowl is not only stunning, but practical making it the perfect vessel for snacks or other food. 

  1. Totoro Backpack

The Totoro plush backpack makes an amazing gift for younger fans or even those that aren’t afraid to declare their love for Studio Ghibli characters loud and proud.  This bag serves a dual purpose as a cuddly friend to accompany you on all your travels and a rucksack that can hold all your essentials. Points for cuteness and usefulness. Carrying this backpack around will make every trip no matter how short or long feel a little more magical. This fluffy Totoro plush is sure to bring smiles to the faces of anyone who sees it.

  1. My Neighbor Totoro Origami Set

For the crafters out there, this item will definitely pique your interest. Learn how to fold origami versions of your favorite Studio Ghibli characters. This kit comes with all the materials you’ll need such as patterned papers and detailed instructions to help you bring characters like chibi-Totoro and the Totoro cat bus to life. The fun doesn’t stop when you’ve finished folding your origami creations, take your new art and use it to decorate your walls, notebooks, or anything else you can think of. 

  1. Catbus from Totoro Bamboo Kids Plate Set

Another fun kitchen item we love is this Totoro cat bus bamboo plate set. Each set is handcrafted making each one unique due to differences in maker and natural material (some may have a different bamboo wood grain). It even comes with a matching set of utensils. The design of this plate borrows elements from bento boxes where portioned compartments allow for carrying an array of dishes. This makes this plate set perfect for creating balanced meals with slots for a main dish, side dishes, a beverage or soup, and even dessert. Perfect for kids who hate when their food touches or even just for adults who love Studio Ghibli characters like the Totoro cat bus. Mealtime definitely won’t be a bore with this plate set. 

  1. Totoro Balancing Game

Switch up family game night with this game that’s fun for all ages to play. Using the provided tweezers, take turns placing forest treasures onto Totoro’s umbrella. But be careful where you place them or Totoro will topple over. The Totoro figurine included with this game even makes a cute room decor piece to adorn your desk or shelves. 

  1. Totoro Gamaguchi Wallet

Probably one of the cutest coin purses you’ll lay your eyes on. My Neighbor Totoro fans will absolutely love this adorable Totoro plush wallet pouch. This Totoro plush coin purse with a gamaguchi or frogmouth style clasp is large enough to fit cash, coins, and a credit card. This Totoro plush pouch will make the perfect kawaii accent to any outfit or can even be stashed away in a coat pocket. Though we can’t imagine wanting to hide away this soft little cutie. 

This was just a sampling of some of the great Studio Ghibli merch we currently have in stock. Check out Bokksu Boutique for even more fun and unique items.

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