Japanese Snacks to Pair With Your Summer Rosé

by Dallas Ernst

Summer may be coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, but it will soon be starting in the southern hemisphere. You can honor the start or end of summer with some rosé, an increasingly popular drink for warmer months.

Rosé is a type of wine known for its beautiful pink color. This blush-like shade occurs when the grape skins are allowed to soak in the juice for a shorter period of time, compared to red wines, before it starts to ferment.

Just like other wines, there’s a wide range or variation when it comes to rosé, with flavor profiles ranging from fruity to floral and combinations of the two. Rosé is the perfect wine for sipping on its own, but it also pairs well with many kinds of sweet and savory foods.

Rosé-lovers unite! And, check out this list of some of our favorite Japanese snacks and sweets that pair perfectly with different kinds of summer rosé.


Light Dry Rosé

Similar to crisp, dry white wines—think Pinot Grigio—light dry rosés pair well with lighter foods like salad and seafood, especially shellfish. Enjoy a glass of this type of rosé with some tasty Ajimai Senbei. A crispy rice cracker snack, Ajimai Senbei comes in a variety of flavors, including nori seaweed, shrimp, soy sauce, and red chili with white sesame. The savory flavors and crispy texture of Ajimai Senbei are the perfect compliment to light dry rosé.

Medium Dry Rosé

If you like white Zinfandel, you’ll likely enjoy a medium dry rosé. This rosé is great as a dessert wine, as a complement to your dessert, or to pair with spicy foods.

If you prefer sweets, pour a glass of this rosé and reach for a chocolate-infused White Strawberry. This sweet treat is a freeze-dried strawberry that strikes a balance between sweet and tart while boasting an interesting texture.

If you’re a fan of spice, consider pairing your wine with a delicious Mala Agesen fried rice cracker. This crispy, crunchy snack is packed full of umami flavor and a pop of spice that’s hot without being over-the-top.


Medium-bodied Dry Rosé

Fans of flavorful food should like some medium-bodied dry rosé that holds its own against big flavors.

Inspired by a classic Japanese street food—fried octopus balls called takoyaki— Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs are a great snack to pair with this kind of wine. The sweet, salty, and umami flavors of these munch-able puffs are simply perfect with rosé.

Marinated in a tonkatsu-like sauce, which is a popular condiment for many street foods served at Japanese festivals, Dondon Yaki is another snack perfect for pairing with medium-bodied dry rosé. Tangy, peppery, and a touch sweet, Dondon Yaki are equally flavorful and crave-able.


Elegant, Fruity Rosés

As one of the more decadent rosés, typically enjoyed with seafood or fancy cheeses, you’ll want to pair this wine with an equally decadent snack. A Salt and Camembert Cheese Cookie is a great option.

While we would normally recommend a cookie and tea pairing, this sandwich cookie checks all the boxes for being a perfect pair to elegant, fruity rosés. These cookies feature a rich cheese filling that strikes a great balance between savory and sweet, complimenting the decadence of this type of rosé.


Full-bodied Fruity Rosés

One of the boozier rosés, full-bodied fruity rosés also pair well with both sweet fruits—especially peaches—and as a complement to spicy foods.

If you want to take the sweet route, go for a Fujiya Nectar Peach Mochi to accompany your rosé. This tasty treat features a peachy jelly filling encased in a thin layer of marshmallow and mochi. If you prefer a chewier gummy, try peach-flavored Kaju Gummies. Tart, sweet, and adorably peach-shaped, these gummies are great with or in a glass of rosé.

Puffed rice crackers and crunchy peanuts come together to make Ebi Crunch, a savory snack perfect for complimenting a full-bodied fruity rosé. It’s all thanks to their flavorful seasoning (black pepper, curry powder, garam masala, and soy sauce) and mix of textures.


Sparkling Rosé

The bubbly nature of sparkling rosé makes this a fun kind of wine. Sparkling rosés can range from dry to medium dry, but almost all variations pair well with sweets.

Strawberries and rosé go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, pair your sparkling rosé with an adorable Strawberry Tartlet. A buttery biscuit encasing a tasty strawberry jam, made from fresh berries, is truly the perfect pair to bubbly rosé.

If you don’t like fruit seeds in your sweets, no problem! Made with almond flour and rich brown butter, a Golden Financier Cake is another great pair for sparking rosé. This little cake tastes buttery and slightly nutty while boasting a light, moist texture.

Celebrate the end or beginning of summer with your preferred rosé and its perfect accompaniment. There are plenty of Japanese snacks and sweets that pair well with different kinds of rosé, making for a truly special experience.

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