Japanese Snack Bundles That You Need To Try!

by Courtney Thompson

If you love trying different Japanese snacks or just like to stay stocked up on your favorites, Japanese snack boxes are the perfect solution for you! With a snack box, you can sample a variety of Japanese snacks for the best value or get a large quantity of the snacks you already know and love. The Classic Bokksu Box offers a great variety of snacks each month, but Bokksu has also released four new snack boxes! The new snack boxes include the Mystery Snack Box, the Matcha Snack Box, the Kawaii Snack Box, and the Largest Snack Box Ever. If you are looking for some more specific snacks in your snack box or if you just want even more variety, these new snack boxes are the answer!

 Japanese snack boxes

The Mystery Snack Box is one of the best ways to try new snacks that you haven’t had before. It includes a random selection of more than 11 full-sized snacks and more than 50 smaller pieces, so there’s a lot to get excited about. The Mystery Snack Box is perfect for those who love surprises, and would make a great gift for someone else or yourself. It includes both savory and salty snacks, so you never know what to expect, but you can be guaranteed to discover some new favorite snacks!

Matcha Snack Boxes

For any matcha-lovers, the Matcha Snack Box is the snack box of your dreams! True to the name, this Japanese snack box features an assortment of matcha snacks, including two different flavors of matcha Kit Kat and a matcha yeast bread. In total, the contains seven different matcha snacks, and 46 total pieces! This indulgent snack box will truly elevate your snacking experience, and you may even discover some new favorite matcha snacks!

Kawaii Snack Box

If you’re looking for the cutest snacks that Bokksu has to offer, look no further than the Kawaii Snack Box! This box is filled with a variety of adorable Japanese candies and snacks, along with a fun color changing teacup. The Kawaii Snack Box would make a great gift for anyone in your life who appreciates cute designs and delicious flavors. It contains Bokksu’s colorful Handmade Itotemari Candy Mix, Mocchan Dango Mochi, and many more exciting products!

If you simply want to try as many new Japanese snacks as you can, the Largest Snack Box Ever is the one for you! This tremendous snack box includes more than 19 full-sized snacks and over 200 pieces! You’ll find a variety of sweet, savory, and salty snacks in this box so no matter what you’re craving, you’ll have the perfect snack on hand! The Largest Snack Box Ever is a great value, with delicious snacks ranging from Bokksu’s best sellers like White Strawberries to hidden gems like Yuzu Konjac Jelly.

Snack boxes are a great way to spread joy and indulge in some delicious treats. Bokksu’s new Japanese snack boxes are perfect for anyone who is looking to try some new snacks, and the different options let you choose a box that best suits your taste. Treat yourself or someone else to an amazing snacking experience with these new Japanese snack boxes!

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