Japanese Holidays & Festivals: November

Japanese Holidays & Festivals: November

These are yearly events of November in Japan. Although unfortunately the public events will not be taking place this year, we still wanted to share them with you for your future trip to Japan. On the first of the month, we’ll share a monthly calendar of Japan’s yearly holidays and notable festivals.

NOV 1: Inoko Festival

A recreation of the Kyoto imperial palace’s ritual Gencho no Shiki where the emperor distributed mochi to people praying for health and prosperity.

NOV 1 - 10: Gion Odori

Maiko and Geisha performance in Gion, Kyoto.

NOV 3: Culture Day (national holiday)

A national holiday dedicated to promoting culture and arts. Many art exhibitions and parades are held every year.

NOV 8: Momiji Festival

Recreating the Heian court that leisurely cruised on the Oi river in Kyoto to see autumn foliage.

NOV 14: Taimatsu Akashi

A fire festival where people burn huge torches and play taiko drums welcoming the start of winter in Fukushima.

NOV 15: Shichi-Go-San Festival

Children aged seven (shichi), five (go), three (san) wear kimono and pray for their fortune at shrines all over Japan.

NOV 23: Labor Thanksgiving Day (national holiday)

Japanese version of labor day. A day showing appreciation to people for their labor.

NOV 23: Hadakambo Festival

Naked men in loincloths carry floats to show their braveness of defeating cold weather in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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