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Important Announcement: Free Global Shipping!

Important Announcement: Free Global Shipping!

I am extremely proud to announce that we've successfully upgraded our shipping logistics: Starting from August Bokksu, we will be shipping all Classic Bokksu orders directly to you from Japan! Note: Tasting Bokksu shipping will remain the same for the time being. What does this mean for you?

Free Global Shipping + More Reliable Shipping!

Bokksu shipments will now be handled by Japan Post, one of the most reliable shipping couriers in the world. We will be using ePacket Light, which is a trusted method that usually arrives after about 2 weeks. And most importantly starting from today, we will be providing Free Global Shipping to over 100 countries! What changes will occur?

  1. Shipments will arrive around the same time for US-based Members since we are shipping out the boxes up to 2 weeks earlier than before. However, International Members will receive their boxes much earlier because we reduced the inefficiency of importing boxes into the US only to re-export them again to other countries!
  2. We will start by shipping out boxes in 2 waves so there is less of a wait time from when you first subscribe to when you will receive your box. The first wave will ship out after Renewal Day on the 25th with the second wave shipping out shortly after the new Subscription Deadline Day on the last day of each month. We've already begun working on adding a 3rd wave!
  3. You will still receive a shipment confirmation when your box ships, but we will no longer include tracking numbers due to system reasons. If you ever have questions regarding your box's status, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Better Curation of Fresher Snacks

Over this past year, we have worked hard to establish relationships with dozens of snack makers all throughout Japan and import authentic snacks and teas only found in Japan. However, the fact that we had inefficiencies in our shipping logistics meant we weren't able to include snacks with shorter freshness cycles. By moving operations to Japan, we will be able to curate fresher and more Japan-exclusive snacks for your boxes that were previously unavailable to us!

Furthermore, any savings we receive from improving our shipping inefficiencies will always be passed on to you in the form of better curated and increased variety of snacks and teas!

Unwavering Commitment to You

I understand that changes can sometimes bring bumps in the road during the transition. However, We at Bokksu always remain committed to providing the best service to you our dedicated Members. If you ever have any questions or concerns about this new shipping upgrade, please feel free to contact us at, and we will work hard to guarantee your satisfaction!

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