How To Elevate Instant Ramen With Ingredients From Your Fridge

by Courtney Thompson

Instant ramen can be a quick and delicious meal, but sometimes you might want something a little different. If you have a cabinet full of instant ramen packets and are craving something new, consider getting creative with your ramen noodles by adding some simple ingredients that you may already have in your fridge! Whether you’re looking for a new flavor combination or want to make your ramen noodles a little healthier or more filling, there are a lot of great ways to elevate your instant ramen! Here are a few ideas that will easily take your ramen noodles to the next level!

instant ramen

 If you want to add some greens to your instant ramen, take a look in your fridge to see what vegetables you have on hand. Pretty much any vegetable would be a delicious addition to your ramen, like broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, and more! You can simply add them to your ramen raw or quickly sauté or steam them before adding them to the dish. This is a great way to add some more nutritional value to your ramen noodles and to add some fresh flavors!

Fresh garlic or ginger can also add a lot of flavor to your instant ramen! The Japanese ramen that you’ll find in restaurants almost always uses these ingredients and they make a big difference. Mince or crush your garlic and ginger and sauté them in a little oil to draw out the flavors. Then you can add your broth straight to the same pot and it will become infused with ginger and garlic, bringing it further from instant ramen and closer to restaurant-quality Japanese ramen!

One great way to make your ramen more filling (and delicious) is to add an egg. Soft boiled eggs are a classic Japanese ramen topping. If you want to get fancy here, you can marinate your egg in a soy sauce and mirin mixture ahead of time to season it. If you’re looking for a quicker ramen addition, just boil your egg for about six minutes and then slice it in half before adding it to your ramen!

Another way to add some protein to your instant ramen is by adding tofu or meat. You can cube your tofu and add it directly to your ramen, letting it absorb some flavor from the broth. If you have any leftover cooked meat like beef, chicken or pork, you can slice it into strips or cut it into cubes and add it to your instant ramen. This is a great way to use up leftovers and elevate your ramen noodles!

For some even easier ideas to elevate your ramen using ingredients you have on hand, you can add a little heat with some siracha or another hot sauce. You can also add some sesame seeds or chopped green onion on top of your finished ramen noodles for a fancy final touch. If you have some canned corn on hand, you can strain it and add the corn directly to your instant ramen for a bit of crunch and freshness.

When it comes to elevating instant ramen, the possibilities are endless. Take a look in your fridge and cabinets for some inspiration to make your ramen even more delicious!

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