How To Build a Care Package

by Courtney Thompson

A card or individual gift can be a nice gesture to send someone who lives far away, but sometimes you want to give something a little more special. A care package can be a great way to show a friend, loved one, or coworker that you appreciate them and are thinking about them. Care packages allow you to personalize your gifts and add a hand-crafted touch. Here are some care package ideas to help you build the perfect care package for anyone in your life!

 care package

The first step to building a care package is to decide what to include. Food is always a great option because it is not only a practical gift that will be used, but an exciting one that people will enjoy. Luckily, Bokksu has a variety of Asian snacks that can help you create a perfect care package for the foodie or Japanophile in your life! Including Japanese snacks can make your care package more special because you can’t find these products in most stores. It can also be helpful to create a theme for your care package. This keeps it cohesive and can add a fun touch! Last but not least, adding a hand written note will make your care package even more personal.

You may decide to include an assortment of Japanese candies and snacks in your care package, but if your recipient has particular tastes, you may stick to certain flavors and types of treats. For your loved one with a sweet tooth, consider crafting a hand-picked Japanese candy box that is bound to make their heart soar! You can include popular seasonal candies like Bokksu’s Handmade Sakura Candy and Sakura Mochi. Other colorful and exciting candies to include are the Handmade Itotemari Candy Mix and Handmade Mikan Candy! If you want to give this care package a theme, you can call it “the child at heart” care package and include some other goodies like Bokksu’s Studio Ghibli chopsticks and kitchenware for a nostalgic childhood touch!

If you have a loved one who prefers savory snacks, create a care package featuring these types of treats! Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs have a delicious Hokkaido cheese flavor that any savory food lover is bound to enjoy. Other good options for this care package are Potato Chips: Hokkaido Rich Butter and Mike Popcorn: Butter and Soy Sauce Flavor. Include these snacks along with a DVD you know they’ve been dying to see to make this an “ultimate movie night” care package! To really drive home this theme, consider making special “movie tickets” out of whatever art supplies you have on hand! You can personalize them with a note wishing them well and telling them to enjoy their movie night.

Another care package idea is to take the name quite literally and craft a package all about self-care. Bokksu carries an assortment of black, green, and herbal tea that can be a great addition to this care package. You can also include things like lotions or bath products to encourage your recipient to treat themselves to a relaxing day. Food is another good option for this care package, because what better way to treat yourself than by indulging in some delicious treats? Consider including some snacks like Bokksu’s decadent Chocolate and Mascarpone Cookies and sophisticated Megami no Ruby Pocky to complete this care package!

If you want to send a great care package but don’t have the time to make one yourself, curated boxes are another great option! The Classic Bokksu box is a subscription box that can also make a great care package—it comes with a variety of 20-24 high-quality Japanese snacks and a tea pairing. It is also beautifully packaged, so your recipient will be excited to open it! You can order the Classic Bokksu box online and have it sent straight to their door, making it an easy and quick care package option!

Regardless of what type of care package you decide to send, your recipient is bound to feel the love! Care packages can make a great gift for a special occasion like a birthday or holiday, but they can also be a wonderful surprise to brighten someone’s day!


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