Hassle Free Ways To Reward Top Talent Year Round

by Fiona Cheung

The best way to retain your top talent is to reward your top talent. It’s important to show your employees your appreciation and support for their hard work, especially during these hard times. If you are looking for ways to reward your employees virtually look no further. Below are 5 hassle free and and unique ways you can recognize and reward your top talent.

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Shout-outs: The best way to show your appreciation is to express your appreciation. You may know that your employees are doing a great job, but they might not. A great way to recognize your employees hard work and celebrate their contributions is to give them a shout out in front of others. You can achieve this by sending a shout-out email to your team, expressing your appreciation for your employees and laying out exactly what projects they worked on and what the results were. Aside from email, you can give them a shout-out at a team meeting.

Treat them to lunch: Free food is always the right answer. An easy and hassle free way to reward your top talent is to treat them to a nice meal. In the office you can buy everyone’s lunch, or even order party platters of food for your employees. In the virtual setting, a good way to treat your employees to a meal, without actually have to place the order for everyone individually, is to send everyone a gift card for popular food delivery apps such as UberEats, Seamless or GrubHub. This way, you can still cover the meal, while your employees have the freedom to order what they want to eat.

Put your money where your mouth is: Let’s be real, we all love to receive money. If you really want to show your appreciation to your employees, you can reward them monetarily. This doesn’t mean you need to shell out huge sums of money to do so. This can come in the form of a pay raise, a bonus, or even thank you gift cards. Regardless of how much you give, it’s always nice to show your employees you appreciate their hard work by paying them for it.

Employee Gift Baskets: What is a better way to show your top talent that you recognize them and want to reward them than through a gift basket. There are so many different gift basket ideas you can get creative with and choose from. If you want to reward your employees with a more unique gift box idea, you can try giving them the gift of a Bokksu Snack Box. These boxes are handpicked and curated to bring you the authentic taste of Japan to your doorsteps. For multiple employees, you can place a bulk order through Bokksu’s corporate gift program.

Give the Gift of Time: Nothing is more precious than time. While everyone is working for home, the idea of work hours has become fuzzy. When people had to commute to and from work, it was easy to define a start and end to the work day. However, when your home is also your office, it’s easy to work through your lunch hour, and stayed signed on longer than your usual end time. This has contributed to a lot of burn-out in the work place. If you were thinking of a way to reward your employees and keep them motivated, consider the gift of time. You can give them half-days on Fridays, so they can start their weekends earlier, or even given them extra PTO days they can take off when they want.

Whether it’s through recognition or a physical reward, it’s always good to show your employees that you recognize the hard work they are putting in, and that you are thankful. If your employees feel that they are being rewarded accordingly for the work that they are doing, then they will be more likely to feel motivated to work harder and do better. Everyone is trying their best during these hard times, so make to take the time to reward your top talents.

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