Get The Kawaii Aesthetic With Products From Bokksu Boutique

by Jillian Giandurco

The best way to add some cheer to your life is by following the kawaii aesthetic! Kawaii is described as “the culture of cuteness,” and includes all your favorite characters from Hello Kitty, to Pompompurin, Pusheen, and more. Even your snacks can have the kawaii aesthetic, and Bokksu has all the best sweets and treats that the kawaii-curious and kawaii lovers alike could ever need!


It doesn’t get more kawaii than a cup of noodles with Pikachu’s face on it! The Pokemon Noodle: Soy Sauce Flavor and Seafood Flavor both contain a bowl of small, thin, wavy ramen submerged in a soy sauce broth filled with corn and Pikachu kamaboko fish cake. Plus, each cup gives you a chance to spread your Pokemon trainer wings, because they each come with one of twenty collectible character stickers!

Pokemon Noodle: Soy Sauce Flavor


The kawaii aesthetic is known for its bright use of color, which makes the Mocchan Dango Mochi from Kyoushin Seika the ideal kawaii candy! Hanami dango is a version of mochi (a traditional rice cake dessert) that is most popularly enjoyed during flower viewing season, or ohanami. This pack of chewy pink, white, and green dango is covered in yummy sugar crystals, and comes in packaging that is definitely kawaii-approved.

Mocchan Dango Mochi


With adorable packaging and a mighty spokesperson, the Anpanman Age Senbei are mixing kawaii with superheroes, making it the perfect snack for all households! The Japanese superhero known as Anpanman (known for fighting off the evil bacteria Baikinman) covers each package of this umami flavored soy sauce and honey age senbei, or fried rice crackers, with his big smile and fierce sidekicks.

Anpanman Age Senbei


It’s never too cold for ice cream, especially when that ice cream isn’t actually cold! The Giant Caplico: Strawberry from Glico gets its ice cream look from a scoop of fluffy strawberry mousse and a wafer cone to match. And if that weren’t enticing enough, there’s also a chocolate mousse center that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Giant Calpico: Strawberry


If you haven’t noticed by now, when it comes to kawaii foods, it’s all about the packaging. This next selection is no exception; the Mikan Mochi from Seiki features a precious orange dog on the packaging, which also happens to be the Ehime Prefecture’s mascot named Mikyan. Ehime is known for the sweet citrus fruit called mikan, so you can be sure you’re getting the authentic mikan experience with this mochi. The Mikan Mochi also contains a hint of iyokan, a slightly more bitter fruit, to keep the mikan from tasting too sweet.

Mikan Mochi


Lastly, what better way to celebrate kawaii foods than with a kawaii themed Bokksu box? The Kawaii Box is filled with all of our cutest snacks on the Bokksu Boutique, including the Pokemon Noodles, Mocchan Dango Mochi, and Anpanman Age Senbei, listed above, as well as the Handmade Itotemari Candy Mix, Nekocha Green Tea, Giant Caplico: Strawberry, and a mug that changes color with added heat. How kawaii is that? 

The Kawaii Box

You can’t have the kawaii aesthetic without a few kawaii plushies, too.

When you shop our Bokksu Boutique Japanese snacks to check out these kawaii foods, make sure to check out these super cute plushie to get the full vibe: The Mini Yoshi Plush, the Mini Kirby Plush, the Gudetama Talking Plush, and the Sumo Neko Plush.

The Sanrio Cafe is one of the most kawaii places in Japan! Watch our tour below.

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