What Do the People Say? Feb '19 Survey Results

by Bokksu Team

In February, we celebrated our love of snacks! Bokksu Members cozied up indoors with their Love Story Bokksu featuring snacks like limited edition Strawberry Tiramisu Kit Kats, every popular Tai Chocolate, and Spicy Mini Heart Senbei to keep warm.

Who took the survey?

Over 500 respondents from over 40 countries provided their thoughts about February's curation. With survey-takers from Indonesia to Estonia, Tahiti to the Czech Republic, a huge thank you to all who participated and congratulations to this month’s winner, Anna from Wisconsin!

The Results!

The snack curation got a 4.3 out of 5 rating, while the "Love Story" theme got a 4.5 out 5. We'll take that 🙌

Sweet or Savory?

40% of snackers wanted even more sweets, 24% wanted more savory snacks, and 36% thought the curation was perfectly balanced!

Ranking Snapshot:

Japanese Kit Kat: Strawberry Tiramisu is the most popular snack of the box, with the most people selecting it as their favorite snack!

Runner up is Pancake Langue de Chat, but this snack has the highest rating overall at 4.3.

20% of snackers nominated Beauty Red Herbal Tea as their least favorite item!


Some words from our awesome survey-takers:

“Quality and balance and cultural insight via snacks--who wouldn't love that?”

“It's a different food experience than the foods that surround me. Not only that, but the foods are quite flavorful.”

“I’m particularly fond of sweets and this month blew me away. This is only my second box but both that I received have been excellent. Wonderful, diverse selection of snacks with helpful explanations.”

What do you think of these results? Give a shoutout to your favorite snack in the comments!

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We can only improve with your help so we look forward to more of your feedback!

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