Bokksu’s Guide To Healthy Asian Snacks

by Courtney Thompson

When you think of Asian snacks, what comes to mind may be indulgent KitKats, Pocky, or other sweet, chocolatey treats. However, there are a lot of healthy snacks that are just as delicious! If you’re looking for some healthier snack options, consider trying out some of the healthy Japanese snacks that Bokksu has to offer!

Mikan Mochi: Mochi is one of the most traditional Japanese desserts, and it also happens to be quite healthy! Mochi is made primarily from rice flour which gives it a unique stretchy texture. These mikan mochi are no exception, and they also include real mikan juice and peel, giving them a naturally sweet and fruity taste!

One-Bite Wagashi: Matcha Warabi Mochi: This snack features matcha, a type of green tea known for being extremely high in antioxidants. With plant based ingredients, this Japanese snack is a healthy option that you can’t go wrong with. It has a jelly-like consistency, making is a unique mochi snack to try!

Mini Red Bean Crackers: Crackers are usually a simple and healthy snack, but these crackers feature a red bean paste filling that makes them more exciting while still staying healthy! Red bean paste is a popular Japanese dessert filling and it is made quite simply from red beans and a bit of added sugar. This is a great snack that avoids too many artificial ingredients, but still offers a delicious flavor!

Buson Haiku Senbei: Senbei is a type of Japanese rice cracker that comes in varying shapes, sizes, and flavors. These light crackers are made of rice flour, making them a great low-fat snack! Bokksu offers a lot of delicious flavors of senbei, including these beautiful Buson haiku senbei. Inspired by poetry, these crackers are just as flavorful as they are colorful, featuring burdock root, ginger, red pepper, kombu, sakura, shrimp, shoyu, sweet potato, matcha, sesame, and sugared flavors.

Edamame Senbei: These senbei are a delicious and healthy Japanese snack, featuring real edamame baked into the crackers! Edamame is known for being a great source of protein as well as fiber and antioxidants. These crackers have a sweet and salty taste with a wonderful crunch!

Black Sesame Taiko: Kumamon Design: This snack has a delicious nutty flavor and keeps things healthy with ingredients like roasted almonds and black sesame seeds. Mizuame, a natural Japanese sweetener, is used to balance out the rich flavors. Along with being tasty, black sesame has excellent health benefits and is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and plant protein!

Lotus Root Chips: Plum Flavor: Chips are typically thought of as a junk food, but these lotus root chips are a healthier version of the typical guilty pleasure snack! Lotus root is known for being very healthy, with great digestive benefits and the ability to lower cholesterol. These chips are crispy, tangy, and lightly salted.

Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Kinako: As with traditional mochi, these delicious puffs are also a healthy Japanese snack! They are made with mochi and transformed into wonderfully light and airy snacks. These mochi puffs are low in fats and carbs, and they are just as delicious as (if not more than) your favorite bag of chips! This flavor is dusted with kinako powder, giving these puffs a unique sweet and nutty flavor.

Although Japanese snacks tend to be known for indulgence and decadence, there are a lot of healthy options to choose from as well. If you’re looking to eat healthier this year, consider including some of these healthy snacks from Bokksu into your snack rotation!


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