Bokksu Is An Amazing Gift, All Year Round!

by Krystina Quintana

When scrolling through different subscription boxes, you may find yourself uninspired and craving more for your loved one’s gifts. Many subscription boxes blend together as they send the same snacks every month, creating a bland food experience. That's where Bokksu comes in. A delicious subscription box is delivered to your friends and family each month stuffed with new, uncommon authentic Japanese snacks that you can't typically find in the USA.

Why Subscribe to a Japanese Snack Subscription Box?

Your chosen recipient will receive 20+ popular Japanese snacks, including delicious Japanese candy, savory items, and high-quality teas in a monthly box. The wide variety of Japanese treats ensures there is at least one snack they can enjoy, no matter who you purchase a subscription for. Picky eaters have nothing on this subscription box!

A Japanese snack subscription box that keeps the receiver on their toes with sweet and savory snacks creates a continually fun experience, making it the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, it's an unexpected gift. Instead of purchasing the same gift year after year, you can send your friends a box curated by the Bokksu team, showing how much you care.

You can purchase these Japanese snack box options for any occasion like birthdays, holidays, and even as a token of appreciation, as the snacks are not geared toward a specific time of year. Now, you can check everyone off your list with a few clicks of the mouse instead of hunting for hours.

Why Choose Bokksu as a Gift?

You can order these subscriptions at any time throughout the year. This flexibility makes it easy to find a gift at the last minute without battling the crowds at the store.

Bokksu subscription boxes also come with a beautiful, detailed pamphlet that offers information on each item, including the origin of each item and flavor notes present. As your loved ones are snacking, they can learn about their favorite products.

This gift is ideal for those interested in Japanese culture, adventurous foodies, or even friends that you're not sure what to gift. With diverse snacks and teas, these Japanese snack boxes are perfect for anyone at any time.

Plus, who doesn’t love receiving food?!

What Makes Bokksu Unique?

Besides offering more snack inclusions than many other subscription boxes, Bokksu also has options to pause, cancel, or renew the subscription at any time. If you’re not sure what to purchase for your significant other each year, you can continue to extend the subscription. They may even share their snacks with you!

If you need to pause the subscription, you can easily alter it then unpause when you’re ready. You’re in control of your subscription box(es) at all times.

Convenient payment plans allow the Japanese subscription boxes to be purchased in differing increments from monthly to annually. This option lets you choose between a one-time or recurring gift within your budget.

The snack boxes ship directly from Japan to your loved ones. So, if you live far away or are traveling, you can still provide an excellent gift without having to deliver it in person. Each beautifully packaged box arrives with a different cultural theme to create the best Japanese snack box unboxing experience.

Suppose you'd prefer to send a box geared toward specific food items like a Japanese candy box. In that case, Bokksu Boutique also offers options like the Bonsai x Wasanbon Craft Sugar Box (11 Pieces)

Bonsai x Wasanbon Craft Sugar Box (11 Pieces)

and the Nestle Japanese Kit Kat: Variety Party Box 2021 (63 Pieces, 21 Flavors),

Nestle Japanese Kit Kat: Variety Party Box 2021 (63 Pieces, 21 Flavors)

perfect for the Japanese candy box lover. If Japanese sweets aren't for you, there are many other box options like Nodoka Organic Instant Tea Set (30 Sticks, 3 Flavors),

Nodoka Organic Instant Tea Set (30 Sticks, 3 Flavors)

a Japan box for the tea lover, and Hyakusyouya Multigrain Rice Set (4 Variety Packs) for aspiring chefs.

 Hyakusyouya Multigrain Rice Set (4 Variety Packs)

Check out all the best Japanese snack boxes on Bokksu Boutique!

By Krystina Quintana

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