August Sneak Peek: Kuro Warabimochi 黒わらびもち

by Danny Taing

We are excited to reveal our first "kuro" snack from next month's box! Kuro Warabimochi is made with black molasses, which gives it a richer sweetness and a more luxurious look.

Kuro Warabimochi

Kuro Warabimochi

Warabimochi is a jelly-like confection made from the extracted starch of a fern called “warabi” (bracken) and covered with “kinako” (roasted soybean flour). Though the name bears similarity, warabimochi is entirely different from true mochi, which is made from glutinous rice. We recommend chilling this delicious snack before sprinkling kinako on and spooning small refreshing bites into your mouth.

Branded Kuro Warabimochi

Happy snacking!

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