Sakura Candy Washi Box

Sakura Candy Washi Box

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Make someone’s heart blossom this Spring with Bokksu’s Sakura Sweet Message Box. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or just a sweet surprise to show you care - all you have to do is sign the card and share this delightful small gift with your friend, family, or loved one.

Your Sakura Sweet Message Box includes one of each of the following items:

  1. Sakura Washi Box: This small business-card-sized box is made of chiyogami washi paper made by hand through a silkscreen and adorned with a beautiful Edo-style cherry blossom pattern. Keep this box safe and reuse it to hold jewelry, hair pins, candies, and more for years to come.

  2. Handmade Sakura Candy (1 Bag): This Handmade Sakura Candy is made exclusively for Bokksu! Sakura in Japan symbolizes ephemerality and the fleeting quality of life. Like the sakura that fades away at the end of the season, this candy dissolves lightly on the palette. Sweet and floral, cherry blossoms are harvested and prepared by pickling and drying the flowers in salt. This traditional method preserves the vibrant color and flavor of sakura, which makes it perfect for candy, and is why this Handmade Sakura Candy contains real bits of preserved sakura!

  3. Handmade Itotemari Candy Mix (1 Bag): These mini candies are crafted to look like itotemari, traditional embroidered balls used in children’s games. Bringing the fun and colorful aspects of that traditional craft to candy making, this sweet also has a variety of flavors. Each candy is different, with flavors like peach, mikan, grape, melon, quince, and more.

  4. Sakura Greeting Card (Pink): This beautiful Sakura Greeting Card was created by Japanese paper artist TOMOCOLLAGE. Made by hand, you’re sure to find joy in the colorful three-dimensional effect of soft spring cherry blossoms coming off. There is a separate piece of paper within the card to write your loved one a message without damaging the delicate sakura design.

Sakura Candy Washi Box

Regular price $25.00 Sale price $20.00 Save 20%

  • Common Allergens: None
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free
  • Made In Japan
  • 1 Box (2 Bags, 2 Flavors) and 1 Card
  • Sakura Washi Box: Length 113 mm(4.45") Width 77mm (3.03") Depth 41mm (1.61")/ Materials: Washi Paper
  • Sakura Greeting Card: Card Length 150 mm(5.91") Width 105mm(4.13") Envelope Length 165 mm(6.50") Width 115mm(4.53") / Materials: Paper

DISCLAIMER: Note that the common allergens and dietary restrictions listed here are directly translated from the packaging as reference; we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain allergens/animal products in the items so please consume them at your own risk with careful attention to any personal health concerns.

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