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Limited Edition Sakura Items

Every spring Japan celebrates the glorious pink cherry blossoms that cover the country. Sakura only last a few short weeks, but the flavor lives on in all the limited edition sakura snacks! Japanese snacks flavored with sakura use the flowers or the leaves. The leaves of the cherry blossom trees are naturally fragrant and floral and add that characteristic floral flavor. Sakura flowers are preserved in salt, which brings out their flavor and creates a salty-sweet flavor totally unique to Japan. Try Sakura in teas, Sakura Kit Kats and chocolates, cherry blossom cakes, and our Handmade Sakura Candy from Kyoto. With so many delicious Japanese snacks, spring may become your favorite season. The sakura party continues with sakura tea and even sakura-themed lifestyle items!
Handmade Sakura Candy (1 Bag)
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