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By popular demand, we have curated a vegetarian-friendly version of our ever-popular Classic Bokksu! Vegetarian Snack Bokksu includes the same high-quality assortment of authentic Japanese snacks, candies, and tea each month as Classic Bokksu. Any non-vegetarian snacks will be replaced with more pieces of that month’s vegetarian-friendly products, which means you will not receive the full curation each month. Each box comes with:

  • 20-25 vegetarian Japanese snacks, candies, & tea pairing curated around a fun cultural theme
  • 16-Page Culture Guide that details each product's origin, flavors, and even common allergens
  • Free shipping worldwide (plus free tracking to over 40 countries!)
  • Auto-renew with the option to pause or cancel anytime
  • Your first box will ship out within 1 week


Use code RUBY when ordering any new 3, 6, or 12-month Vegetarian Bokksu and get a FREE BAG of limited edition vegetarian Ruby Chocolate Kit Kats!

Japanese Ruby Chocolate Kit Kats