These Are The Tastiest Japanese Seasonings

by Courtney Thompson

The key to great Japanese cooking is all about the seasonings. With the right seasonings, you can achieve all those Japanese flavors you know and love in the comfort of your own home! Here are some of the tastiest Japanese seasonings that you can find on Bokksu that would make a great addition to your spice cabinet!

Tencha Furikake and Ochazuke

Tencha Furikake & Ochazuke: Furikake is a classic Japanese seasoning that gives different Japanese dishes a savory flavor and can make a plain meal like white rice much more delicious! Furikake seasoning is a go-to spice blend in Japanese cooking because it can improve pretty much any meal, and there are also many different types of furikake seasoning, so it offers a lot of variety for different dishes. In addition to adding flavor, furikake also adds a great crunchy texture. This seasoning set combines this delicious furikake seasoning with a packet of ochazuke, which is used to create the traditional Japanese dish that involves pouring green tea over rice. These two different packets can easily add a lot of flavor to your rice, and they offer different options depending on what you’re in the mood for!

Dashi Powder Set

Mizunoto Dashi Powder Variety Set: Dashi is known for adding depth to a variety of Japanese dishes. Primarily known for its use in soups, dashi stock is a main component of miso soup, ramen, and more! Dashi has many different variations that each bring unique, savory flavors to whatever you’re using it in. This curated variety set of dashi powder includes five flavors: bonito (fish flakes), ago (flying fish), kelp, sardine, and mackerel. This set gives you a lot of fun flavors to play around with, and any one of these dashi powders would make an excellent addition to your next soup or stir-fry sauce!

Dashi Powder: Vegetable

Dashi Powder: Vegetable (5 Packs): For vegans and vegetarians, or anyone trying to eat healthier, this dashi powder is the perfect addition to your spice cabinet! Designed specifically to enhance the umami flavor of vegetables, this dashi seasoning is a great way to add flavor to your vegetable dishes and is also great for making a rich vegan dashi stock!

Dashi Powder: Variety Mix (5 Packs): If you want a different dashi powder for every occasion, this variety mix is perfect! It includes five flavors of dashi: bonito and kombu (kelp), ago, chicken, vegetable, and awase (mixed flavor). This variety set gives you the option of trying out different types of dashi and allows you to choose the dashi that best enhances the other flavors of each dish you cook. Try using these dashi stocks to change up your favorite soup recipes, or sprinkle the powder onto your meats and vegetables!

Japanese Mustard

Japanese Mustard: You’re probably familiar with this condiment, but Japanese mustard is actually quite different from any other mustard you’ve had! Japanese mustard, also known as karashi, has a much stronger flavor than other mustards because it is made from pure mustard powder and water without added flavors to dilute it. If you’re cooking with Japanese mustard for the first time, use a lighter hand because it can be spicier than you might expect! Japanese mustard pairs well with meats and vegetables, and it’s also a great condiment on its own on a sandwich!

Dashi Powder: Chicken (5 Packs): Umami powder is the perfect ingredient to make your savory dishes more flavorful. It is usually made from shitake mushrooms, and is the perfect addition to soups, sauces, and many other Asian dishes! This chicken umami powder is the perfect compliment to any chicken dish, and you can easily mix it into soup or add it to noodles!

Dashi Powder: Bonito & Kombu (8 Packs): If you’re looking to enhance the savory flavor of just about any dish, this bonito and kombu umami powder is the ideal seasoning! The bonito flakes are made from high-quality fish, and the kombu, or kelp, adds a unique briny element! 

Kewpie Mayo

Kewpie Mayo: Kewpie mayo is the iconic Japanese mayonnaise that is extra creamy, rich, and delicious! Kewpie mayo differs from American mayo in both ingredients and the emulsification process. It features multiple types of high quality vinegar, rather than the American version’s simple distilled vinegar, which gives Kewpie Mayo a sweeter, less harsh flavor. This unique (and many would argue, superior) version of mayo is difficult to find outside of Japan, but luckily you can order it online from Bokksu Grocery!

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