Purr-fect Japanese Gifts For Cat Lovers!

by Bokksu Staff

In Japan, cats have long been known to bestow good luck. The domesticated cat likely came to Japan from China, and China probably got their introduction to cats from India. The cat’s popularity is partially due to their ability to keep rodents at bay. But they are also tied to legends about cats beckoning people away from danger. It’s no wonder that there are shrines to cats all over Japan, and businesses often display a cat figurine to welcome good fortune to their shops.

Do you know a cat lover who “kneads” a “purrfect” present? Well, look no further than Bokksu Boutique! We have an array of quintessentially Japanese cat-themed products for you.

Coco Neco Cat Glass

The Coco Neco Cat Glass is a great present for a feline-loving friend. It is a product made in Japan of soda glass and comes in four cat styles. It’s shaped like a little cat foot and holds 10 oz. of liquid in its paw. The coolest thing is that the fur pattern takes on a new color when you fill up the cup. The Coco Neco Premium Cat Glass is a more sophisticated version with its gold colored paint.

Ukiyo-E Denim Bag: Three Cats

You don’t have to be cat crazed to yearn for this tote bag. The Ukiyo-e Denim Bag: Three Cats depicts three kitties dancing with wild abandon in the ukiyo-e woodblock art style that was popular during the Edo period. The denim fabric is made by Kurashikiya, the first place to produce denim in Japan using indigo dye. The straps are made from yarn, an homage to the cat’s favorite plaything.

Sumo Neko Plush

The Sumo Neko Plush stuffy is another “catty” gift for you. This soft and squishy figure stands about 8 inches tall and dons a sumo wrestler’s mawashi (belt) and chonmage (topknot). Buy two plushes and you can put them in a sumo wrestling ring to duke it out. Or simply snuggle with your stuffed sumo feline friend while you take a cat nap.

Zabuton Cushion: Red Maneki-Neko

Speaking of cat naps, you may want to rest on a nice cat cushion. This cotton floor cushion, the Zabuton Cushion: Red Maneki-neko, has a beckoning cat (maneki-neko) design for good luck and happiness. It is painstakingly sewn by hand using a traditional technique from the Edo period. This cushion comes in bright red, which is a color that symbolizes energy, passion, and good fortune in Japan.

Nekocha Green Tea

While resting on the cat cushion, may we recommend a nice hot cup of tea, such as Nekocha Green Tea? Green tea is known to contain healthy compounds like antioxidants and polyphenols. Green tea also contains caffeine, should you want a pick-me-up to keep up with your frisky cat companions. The real treat is that dangling from the end of each tea bag is a silhouette of a kitty in a playful pose, which you can snip off and save after you have enjoyed your refreshing cup of tea.

What are you waiting for? Buy some of these delightful cat-inspired gifts “right meow” at Bokksu or snag our Premium Cat Box!

By Megan Taylor Stephens 

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