Matcha Incense

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Matcha Incense
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Enjoy the warming and calming effects of matcha green tea with this set of luxurious matcha incense. All-natural raw materials like fresh recycled matcha from Uji, considered to be the finest matcha harvesting site, create a strong yet gentle aroma. Aside from the incredible smell, this incense is as cute as candy - literally! The tea leaves are molded by wood to look like kawaii Japanese confectionary! Each shape resembles a lucky charm important to Japanese culture, including a daruma doll, Mount Fuji, Maneki Neko (lucky cat), uchide no kozuchi (lucky hammer), and a Japanese fan.

About the Maker

While most customers are content with enjoying matcha in cafes and restaurants, Incense Kitchen hopes to offer people more authentic experiences to gain a deeper appreciation of matcha by selling these products and offering incense-making workshops in their hometown of Uji. Uji is very famous for its matcha manufacturing and harvesting. When the matcha gets manufactured, it's ground indoors with a millstone. Many small particles end up floating into the air and are collected by air filters. Incense Kitchen recycles these fresh matcha particles that would otherwise be disposed of and gives them new life and appreciation in her incense. Incense Kitchen takes pride in adding new value in matcha by creating innovative ideas and designs for the treasured tea leaves.


  • Size: Package Height: 26mm (1.02") Package Width: 115mm (4.52") Package Depth: 80mm (3.14")
  • Materials: Matcha, Wood flour
  • 1 Box (5 Incenses)
  • Made in Japan

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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