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Summer Collection

With the sun heating things up, nothing beats refreshing treats, which is why jellies are one of the best Japanese snacks for the summer! They come in a medley of sweet fruity flavors - think citrus, peach, hojicha mango, and more! Best of all, you can place these jellies in the fridge, making them a great cooling snack on a hot day. We also offer delicious mochi and crunchy eitaro peasen rice crackers to satisfy any pool-side craving. And of course, remember to hydrate with a refreshing iced matcha latte, ginger yuzu herbal tea, or black sesame latte! Overall, summer is an exciting season for new adventures, it’s also when many Japanese snacks feature fun limited refreshing fruity flavors. So dive into it with Bokksu’s summer collection!

Seasonal Fruit Jelly Assortment (6 Flavors, 6 Packs)
- +
Seasonal Fruit Jelly Assortment (4 Flavors, 8 Packs)
- +
Choshiya Anmitsu Jelly (4 Bowls)
- +
Yoshino Kuzu Mochi (2 Flavors, 9 Pieces)
- +
Fruit Juice Candy (6 Flavors, 6 Packs+ Mini Bag)
$24.00 $48.00
- +
Mizudachicha Cold Brewed Green Tea (25 Packs)
- +
Uji Matcha Au Lait (5 Sticks)
- +
Hoshino Hojicha Latte (7 Sticks)
- +
Ginger & Yuzu Herbal Tea (10 Sticks)
- +
Hoshino Matcha Latte (7 Sticks)
- +
Purun Konjac Jelly: Peach (6 Pieces)
- +
Black Sesame Latte (Sweet) (150g)
- +