Spirited Away No-Face Balancing Game


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Spirited Away No-Face Balancing Game
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Product Description

Uh-oh! No-Face is on a rampage again and he’s famished! Test your skills to subside his hunger but be careful - if food isn’t delivered just right, everything will fall. Although we can’t guarantee gold in return, this feeding game will definitely be a thrilling adventure!


  1. Stand No-Face upright and place food pieces in a pile.
  2. Each person takes a turn rolling the die and using tweezers to carefully place the piece of food that the die landed on into No-Face's mouth.
  3. The person who places the food piece that causes No-Face to fall loses.

  • Size: Height: 120mm (4.72") Width: 75mm (2.95") Depth: 95mm (3.74")
  • Materials: ABS resin, Polyvinyl chloride, Metal
  • Ages: 6+

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