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September Bokksu: Kyushu 九州 The Nine States

The name Kyushu (literally “nine states”) is derived from the nine ancient provinces that formerly made up this majestic and lush region. In modern times, the island of Kyushu consists of seven prefectures: Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Oita, Saga, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki. Because Kyushu is the most southwesterly island in Japan and geographically closer to continental Asia and Europe, it served as one of the earliest ports for Japan to trade and interact with the outside world. In addition to its historical significance, Kyushu contains subtropical climates that famously produce a wide variety of fresh agricultural products from rice and wheat to mangoes and sweet potatoes. We are thrilled to take you on a gourmet journey this month through the historic and beautiful Kyushu. This month's bokksu includes:

  • Mango Chiffon Cake マンゴーシフォンケーキ by Hyuga Hogaya 日向ほがや
  • Cruz クルス by Obama Shokuryo 小浜食糧
  • Kurobou Meimon 黒棒名門 by Kurobou Seika クロボー製菓
  • Dondo Age どんど揚げ by Shinkou しんこう
  • Bontaname ボンタンアメ by Seika Foods セイカ食品
  • Kukicha 茎茶 by Maeda-en 前田園

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Mango Chiffon Cake マンゴーシフォンケーキ
by Hyuga Hogaya 日向ほがや

Mango Chiffon Cake Packaged Mango Chiffon Cake

Made using real mangoes from the subtropical city of Nojiri in Miyazaki prefecture, this fluffy cake infuses your mouth with hints of mango and sweet egg with each bite.

Common Allergens: Egg, Wheat, Milk, Soy

Cruz クルス
By Obama Shokuryo 小浜食糧

Cruz Packaged Cruz

Cruz means “Cross” in Portuguese and comes from Nagasaki, a port city that has Christian influences from its extensive trading in the past with the Portuguese and Dutch. Cruz is a delicious harmony of white chocolate and ginger sandwiched between two crisp wafers. We’ve included three flavors for you to try: Original, Strawberry, and Coffee.

Common Allergens: Wheat, Egg, Milk, Soy

Kurobou Meimon 黒棒名門
By Kurobou Seika クロボー製菓

Kurobou Meimon Packaged Kurobou Meimon

Kurubou (literally “black stick”) is a traditional sweet snack made using 100% Kyushu-grown wheat, black sugar, and eggs. With a crispy outer layer and soft fluffy inner core, this fragrant snack perfectly blends the full black sugar sweetness with the wheat grain texture.

Common Allergens: Wheat, Egg

Dondo Age どんど揚げ
By Shinkou しんこう

Dondo Age Packaged Dondo Age

Hailing from the populous prefecture of Fukuoka, Dondo Age is a crunchy delight made with rice flour and Shinkou’s signature savory and sweet soy sauce blend.

Common Allergens: Wheat

Bontaname ボンタンアメ
By Seika Foods セイカ食品

Bontaname Packaged Bontaname

Bontaname (literally “pomelo candy”) is a beloved chewy candy made using pomelo juice from Kagoshima. The thin wrapper around each Bontaname can also be eaten so feel free to pop each piece directly into your mouth and enjoy!

Common Allergens: Soy

Kukicha 茎茶
By Maeda-en 前田園

Kukicha Packaged Kukicha

Kukicha, or twig tea, is a unique green tea blend made of stems, stalks, and twigs. This specific Kukicha is made from the twigs and stems of high quality Sencha and then deep-steamed for a mild, earthy flavor that perfectly complements sweet snacks.

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