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Old-Style Tamamushi Sake Set

$189.00 $270.00

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Old-Style Tamamushi Sake Set
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This three-piece glass sake set is the definition of enjoying art in everyday life. Both the katakuchi (sake pitcher) and choko (sake cups) are made using Shotoku Glass company’s Usuhari glass technique. It is widely believed that the taste of sake depends on how it is served. The high transparency and thinness of the glass material exhibit the full flavor of sake while the wide mouths waft the fragrance upwards. Tohoku Kogei then uses authentic Tamamushi lacquering techniques to transform the glasses. The final result of the gradual lacquering resembles the mountains and vast ocean waves of Miyagi prefecture. The name Tamamushi literally translates to “jewel beetle” in reference to the brilliant lacquer shading that changes with the light. While the katakuchi pitcher and choko cups are traditionally used to serve sake at gatherings, feel free to use them to make and serve matcha as well as other drinks!

About the Maker

Shotoku Glass company was founded in 1933 and continues to be a small family-run operation as it is now run by the grandson of the original founder. With only six craftsmen, Shotoku Glass has worked tirelessly to master the techniques required to carefully handcraft their special glasses. They have spent the last two years developing the Usuhari glass and only one craftsman has mastered the techniques required to make this glass that features high transparency and thinness for the perfect tasting experience.

Tohoku Kogei was founded in 1933 in Sendai City of the Miyagi prefecture. The small family-run lacquering company is the only maker that can produce Tamanushi lacquerware, the traditional craftwork of Miyagi prefecture since 1985. They value the unique spirit of manufacturing which is used to make both beautiful and useful craftwork, as well as has a history in specialization for overseas export. Tohoku Kogei is hoping that through their new partnership with Bokksu, they will reunite with their old clients who bought their products long ago, as well as gain new ones.


  • Katakuchi Size: Height:70mm (2.75") Width: 87mm (3.42") Depth: 92mm (3.62")
  • Choko Size: Height: 50mm (1.96") Width: 57mm (2.24") Depth: 57mm (2.24")
  • Materials: Glass
  • 1 Paulownia box(1 Katakuchi, 2 Choco)
  • Made in Japan
  • Not microwave, ovens, open flame or dishwasher safe
  • This glass is not heat-resistant. Do not pour hot liquid into the glass
  • Do not soak product in water or oil

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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