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Mt. Fuji Pour Over Coffee Drip Filter + Stand

$60.00 $75.00

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Minimum Quantity 3
Mt. Fuji Pour Over Coffee Drip Filter + Stand
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Bring one of Japan's iconic sights to your morning brew with this reusable coffee filter. This filter is designed for pour over style coffee and comes with a rest to hold the drip filter over your cup, and bowl to rest it when you are done. This filter is designed to remove impurities from the water, which leads to a smoother aroma in the final cup. 

How to Use

Before using, rinse with hot water to prepare the filter. Set the rest on your cup or carafe and place the filter inside. Add your coffee grinds and gently pour hot water until the grounds are soaked and allow to steep for 30 seconds. Add your remaining hot water slowly and the coffee will begin to drip through the filter. Do not use powdered coffee or teas like instant coffee or matcha as it may clog the filter. 

How to Clean

Remove the grounds from the filter and rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use soap or detergent. After repeated use, the oil from the coffee beans may cause residue that can be removed by placing the filter in a pot of boiling water and boiling for 10 minutes. 

Please Note: Coffee cup and coffee grinds not included.


  • Filter: Height: 7.4cm (2.91") Diameter: 11.1cm (4.37”), Alumina ore
  • Filter server: Height: 0.7cm (0.27") Diameter: 12.1cm (4.76”), White porcelain
  • Filter Base: Height: 4.1cm (1.61") Diameter: 9.6cm (3.77”), White porcelain
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Made in Japan

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