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Matcha Incense Warmer: Ginyo

Fall under the spell of relaxing and invigorating scents with this chic minimalistic incense warmer. It is the original incense burner of Incense Kitchen, and the design is based on the traditional Ginyo (silver leaf) thin mica plates that have long been used to separate incense and heat. It’s easy to use and love, especially for Incense Kitchen’s famed matcha incense (also available on Bokksu Boutique!) Oh - and you can easily fold it up for some sweet scents no matter where you are!

About the Maker

While most customers are content with enjoying matcha in cafes and restaurants, Incense Kitchen hopes to offer people more authentic experiences to gain a deeper appreciation of matcha by selling these products and offering incense-making workshops. She is based in her hometown of Uji - a city that is very famous for its matcha manufacturing and harvesting. Incense Kitchen takes pride in adding new value in matcha by creating innovative ideas and designs for the treasured tea leaves.

Learn more about Japanese incense and Incense Kitchen on our blog!


  • Size: Height: 105mm (4.13") Width: 75mm (2.95") Depth: 75mm (2.95")
  • Materials: Wood, Heat-resistant glass
  • Made in Japan

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