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Kamekichi Donburi: Navy

$32.50 $65.00

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Kamekichi Donburi: Navy
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This Imari ware-style Kamekichi donburi was first made in 1867 by famous potter Kamekichi Tsukamoto as a luxury item for ceremonial purposes. Maker Marushin Ceramics has since revived it into a modern-day vessel used for everyday lifestyles. This was done by using the technologies of “earth”, “glaze”, and “flame”, the trinity of techniques that capture the essence of 1300-year-old Mino-ware porcelain. Today, donburi are often used as large bowls to serve quick and convenient one-dish meals that usually consist of rice, meats, and vegetables. The thick rim, weight, and deep navy color are luxurious, charming, and a gateway to its history and culture. 

About the Maker

Since its founding, Marushin Ceramics has undergone many updates to suit modern-day lifestyles and values. Based in Dachi, Toki City, Gifu, the birthplace of Mino-ware ceramics, they hope to share its charming rich history and culture through their products. Marushin Ceramics believes in innovation while still valuing tradition and culture. Their goal is to provide genuine and beautiful long-lasting products.


  • Size: Height: 77mm (3.03") Diameter: 205.5mm (8.09")
  • Materials: Ceramic, Minoyaki
  • Made in Japan
  • Microwave safe
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Do not place on an induction stove or open flame

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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