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January'17 Bokksu: Maru まる

Maru means “circle” in Japanese and is associated with goodness in Japan. Correct answers on tests are marked with a maru (⭕️) while incorrect answers are marked with a batsu (❌). Maru is also the basis for Enso, the traditional Zen Buddhist art on the cover that symbolizes enlightenment, strength, and elegance. Enso can be drawn open or closed and convey different meanings based on its form. Incomplete Enso are associated with wabi-sabi (the beauty of imperfection) while complete Enso represent perfection. This month, we’ve curated a delicious assortment of maru snacks to help you find enlightenment and beauty in the new year. This month's bokksu includes:

  • Original Baumkuchen バームクーヘン by AS Foods ASフーズ
  • Ka No Michi 菓の道 by Ginza Hana Noren 銀座花のれん
  • Gaufrettes ゴーフレット by Tokyo Fugetsudo 東京風月堂
  • Cheese Manju Okashinai チーズ饅頭 笑内 by Bambai お菓子の晩梅
  • Kaisen Usukeshi Kasen 海撰うすけし華饌 by Honda Seika 本田製菓
  • Natural Yeast Bread Hokkaido Cream 北海道クリームパン by Day Plus デイプラス
  • Gyokuro Green Tea 玉露 by Maeda-en 前田園

What's this box like?

What's inside this box?

Original Baumkuchen バームクーヘン
by AS Foods ASフーズ

Baumkuchen Packaged Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen is a German roll cake that was first introduced to Japan in the early 20th century and is now an incredibly popular dessert all over Japan. Baumkuchen literally means “tree cake” in German and gets its namesake from the characteristic rings that resemble tree rings. We’ve included two flavors: Plain and Chocolate.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Ka No Michi 菓の道
By Ginza Hana Noren 銀座花のれん

Ka No Michi Packaged Ka No Michi

Ka No Michi is a Japanese reimagining of a cream cookie sandwich. It is first filled with a flavored cream and then baked to perfection in a beautiful wave pattern. Each bite infuses your mouth with a delicious balance of crispy butter cookie and lightly sweet cream. We’ve included three flavors: Vanilla, Matcha, and Cocoa.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Gaufrettes ゴーフレット
By Tokyo Fugetsudo 東京風月堂

Gaufrettes Packaged Gaufrettes

Gaufrettes are the cuter, smaller version of Gaufres (Waffle in French). This crispy cream-filled sandwich wafer comes in three flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Cheese Manju Okashinai チーズ饅頭 笑内
By Bambai お菓子の晩梅

Cheese Manju Okashinai Packaged Cheese Manju Okashinai

Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat. Instead of the traditional red bean filling, this fluffy manju from Akita Prefecture is stuffed with white bean and cheese to create a sweet and savory happy delight.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Almond

Kaisen Usukeshi Kasen 海撰うすけし華饌
By Honda Seika 本田製菓

Kaisen Usukeshi Kasen Senbei Packaged Kaisen Usukeshi Kasen

This crispy senbei is twice-baked using deep ocean shrimp to fully imbue the fresh and savory flavors of the ocean.

Common Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Crustacean Shellfish

Natural Yeast Bread Hokkaido Cream 北海道クリームパン
By Day Plus デイプラス

Natural Yeast Bread Hokkaido Cream Packaged Natural Yeast Bread Hokkaido Cream

A fan favorite from June Bokksu, this delicious fluffy bread is layered with a cream made using milk from the Tokachi district of Hokkaido.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Gyokuro Green Tea 玉露
By Maeda-en 前田園

Gyokuro Tea Packaged Gyokuro Tea

Gyokuro is widely regarded as one of the highest grades of Sencha (Japanese green tea) due to its more laborious cultivation process. Unlike uncovered Sencha leaves, Gyokuro tea leaves are shielded from the sun for about three weeks before being harvested. This process causes the theanine and alkaloid caffeine in the leaves to increase and results in a richer flavor. Please note that Gyokuro is steeped at a lower temperature for a longer duration than standard green teas.

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