Otona no Otsumami: Ebi Crunch (1 Bag)


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Otona no Otsumami: Ebi Crunch (1 Bag)
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This mix of rice crackers and peanuts is made to be the perfect accompaniment to your next happy hour beverage. Balanced by the slight sweetness from the soy sauce, these puffed rice crackers pack a flavorful punch and also give a little heat thanks to the added black pepper, curry powder and garam masala.


  • Product of Niigata Prefecture
  • Common Allergens: Crustacean Shellfish, Peanuts, Soy
  • Gluten-Free
  • 1 Bag (43g)

DISCLAIMER: Note that the common allergens and dietary restrictions listed here are directly translated from the packaging as reference; we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain allergens/animal products in the items so please consume them at your own risk with careful attention to any personal health concerns.

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