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December Bokksu: Artisanal Kyoto 京都

As the former Imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is famous for its breathtaking temples, traditional Japanese crafts, and delicious foods. Kyoto’s craftsmen are renowned for their attention to detail and near-ceremonial reverence whether they are weaving intricate kimonos or creating artisanal foods. In fact, two of Japan’s most well-known gastronomic traditions originated in Kyoto: Kaiseki (traditional multi-course dinner) and Sado (Japanese tea ceremony). This month, we’ll transport you to the thousand-year-old capital through our tasty snacks and teas directly sourced from Kyoto. This month's bokksu includes:

  • Kyoto Iroha Financier Cake 京都いろは by Ishida Roho 石田老舗
  • Kyoto Anna Monaka 京都あんな by Ishida Roho 石田老舗
  • Yumemi Koji Manju 夢見小路 by Wako 和晃
  • Maru Cha Cha まる茶茶 by MALEBRANCHE マールブランシュ
  • KitKat Matcha キットカット抹茶 by Nestlé ネスレ
  • Black Bean Okaki 黒豆おかき by Narumiya 鳴海屋
  • Matcha Green Tea 抹茶入り煎茶 by ITO EN 伊藤園

What's this box like?

What's inside this box?

Kyoto Iroha Financier Cake 京都いろは
by Ishida Roho 石田老舗

Kyoto Iroha Financier Cake Packaged Kyoto Iroha Financier Cake

Financier is a rectangular French almond cake which is said to have gotten its namesake from the fact that it resembles a bar of gold. This beautiful cake opens with a light, moist texture and finishes with a smooth, buttery taste. We’ve included two flavors: Vanilla and Matcha.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Tree nuts

Kyoto Anna Monaka 京都あんな
By Ishida Roho 石田老舗

Kyoto Anna Monaka Packaged Kyoto Anna Monaka

This was ingeniously packaged separately to keep the monaka wafer fresh and crisp. After opening the red bean package, gently layer the red bean filling on one mochi wafer and enclose it with the other to create this delicious, crispy monaka sandwich. We’ve included two flavors: Red Bean and Smooth Red Bean.

Common Allergens: None

Yumemi Koji Manju 夢見小路
By Wako 和晃

Yumemi Koji Manju Packaged Yumemi Koji Manju

Manju is a traditional Japanese confection made with flour, rice powder, and buckwheat with a red bean filling. This fluffy milk manju infuses your mouth with layers of subtly sweet flavors with each bite. We’ve included two flavors: Plain and Chestnut.

Common Allergens: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Maru Cha Cha まる茶茶

Maru Cha Cha Packaged Maru Cha Cha

Unlike many other matcha snacks that use usucha (light tea), this slim and sleek gluten-free matcha biscuit uses koicha (concentrated tea), which is a higher quality matcha that results in a richer flavor.

Common Allergens: Egg, Sesame

KitKat Matcha キットカット抹茶
By Nestlé ネスレ

Matcha Kit Kat Packaged Matcha Kit Kat

The modern Kit Kat brand began in 1911 by a UK confectionary company called Rowntree’s, but they weren’t distributed in Japan until 1973. In 1988, Nestlé purchased Rowntree’s and acquired global control of Kit Kat. The matcha used in this beloved snack comes from Uji city in Kyoto Prefecture, which is renown for their superior quality green tea.

Common Allergens: Milk, Wheat, Soy

Black Bean Okaki 黒豆おかき
By Narumiya 鳴海屋

Black Bean Okaki Packaged Black Bean Okaki

Because Okaki is made using mochigome (glutinous rice), it has a firmer and chewier texture than normal Senbei (which is made using uruchimai, or ordinary rice). This crispy rice cracker has a savory taste that is deliciously balanced by the black beans baked right into it.

Common Allergens: Wheat

Matcha Green Tea 抹茶入り煎茶
By ITO EN 伊藤園

Matcha Green Tea Packaged Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a powdered green tea made using the highest quality tea leaves. This specific Matcha Green Tea combines bitter, earthy Matcha powder with vibrant, fresh Sencha leaves to produce a delicious harmony of both tea types.

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