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Casual Tea Ceremony Set


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Casual Tea Ceremony Set
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How you make your matcha is totally up to you, but you have to admit something just feels right about preparing matcha the "right" way with a tea ceremony set. This beginner-friendly set includes a chawan (tea bowl), chasen (bamboo whisk), chashaku (tea scoop), and natsume tea container - everything you need to casually enjoy the full flavors of matcha green tea. The tea bowl is Echizen pottery, a traditional craft of Fukui prefecture. It is widened at the bottom for easy whisk movement while still being comfortable for all hand sizes. Everything comes in a gorgeous minimalist wooden box that will protect the pieces and make sure they don’t rub together. Though instant matcha powders are great, they are no matcha for the real thing! For more information on what matcha is and how to prepare it, check out this article on the Bokksu Blog!

About the Maker

Echizen Shikki lacquerware manufacturing company was founded in 1925 in Sabae City in Fukui prefecture. In recent years, they mainly focus on tea ceremony utensils. The company, who is now on their 4th generation family representative, does not rely on machinery and mainly crafts each product carefully by hand. They develop their craft based on the concept of “products that give people a sense of peace”. They work hard every day in hopes that their products will be a place of tranquility in people’s lives.


  • Size: Box Height: 150mm (5.90") Box Width: 150mm (5.90") Box Depth: 150mm (5.90")
  • Materials (White): Wood, Bamboo, Japanese Paper, Leather, Plastic, Ceramic
  • Materials (Green): Wood, Bamboo, Japanese Paper, Brass, Plastic, Ceramic
  • Made in Japan
  • Not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • Products are handmade and using natural materials, so slight variations, dents and scratches may occur

This item is handcrafted by craftsmen in Japan

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