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Kyoushin Seika

Black Syrup Kinako Warabimochi

Product Description

Is it really the summertime if you don’t have to get your hands just a little bit dirty? We are happy to introduce this fun do-it-yourself special mochi this month! Traditionally, making warabimochi (蕨餅) involved using the warabi (bracken) vegetable for its starch to create the mochi. However, in more recent times, warabimochi is made using tapioca starch, which results in a different type of mochi than the rice mochi you probably know, which is made using glutinous rice. Chewy and nutty with a jelly-like texture, warabimochi makes a frequent appearance in the summertime and is sold often from trucks, making it a treat when outside enjoying the beautiful season.

How-to Prepare

Cut open one end of the bag and take out the packaged clear-white warabimochi, kuromitsu (black syrup), and kinako (roasted soybean powder). First open the warabimochi and pour it into the tray, then drizzle the kuromitsu on top, and finish by sprinkling the kinako over it all. Now enjoy this refreshing snack with the included small spoon in the bag!

Product Details

  • Product of Aichi Prefecture
  • Common Allergens: Soy
  • Vegetarian

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