Maeda Seika


Product Description

As crisp as the fall season, these yatsuhashi have a refreshing bite from the cinnamon and snap when you bite into them. Yatsuhashi is a symbol of Kyoto that is considered a meibutsu meaning it's only found in Kyoto. While there are two types of popular yatsuhashi, this snack is inspired by the traditional take on the yatsuhashi, where it is crunchy like a cookie. Another iteration of this snack is “fresh” yatsuhashi (nama yatsuhashi) where it is much more mochi-like in texture and will frequently feature the use of anko as a filling. One common trait in all versions of yatsuhashi is the iconic cinnamon flavor.

Product Details

  • Product of Nara Prefecture
  • Common Allergens: Soy
  • Vegetarian

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