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Premium Cat Box


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Premium Cat Box
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Are you a cat person or a dog person? We think both are adorable, but if you asked people in Japan, many would say they like cats the best. In fact, Japan has one of the highest cat ownership rates in the world! From those waving cats you see in the windows of restaurants and businesses to Hello Kitty herself, there’s no denying that cats are beloved and revered in Japan. This giftable box celebrates the delightful animal in style!

Here's what's included in your Premium Cat Box:

  • Cat Glass: Calico Cat (230 ml) X 1
  • Cat Cookie Box (4 Pieces) X 1
  • Cat Ninja Cappuccino: Matcha X 1
  • Cat Ninja Cappuccino: Hojicha X 1
  • Manekineko Jelly (10 Pieces) X 1
  • Furoshiki Hankachi: Cat & Bird X 1
  • Nekocha Green Tea (6 Bags) X 1
  • Konpeitou Candy (Orange & Cinnamon ) X 1
  • Cat Message Cookie X 1

    Learn more about the items featured in your box including snack allergens by visiting our Cat Box Details Page.

    Please note: The Cat Glass may have pattern, size and design variations. You may receive a glass that looks different from the item shown.
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