Washi Paper Socks: Crew-Length



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Washi Paper Socks: Crew-Length
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The qualities of washi paper have been cherished by the Japanese people for centuries: its warm texture, durability, and resilience. Now you can appreciate the beauty and strength of washi with your own two feet! During the unique manufacturing method, strips of tightly twisted washi paper become yarn after a series of softening and drying processes. The final product is a set of crew-length socks that will keep your feet and ankles comfortable all day! It is quick-drying and temperature-controlled thanks to modern-day technology (like thread that’s used for spacesuits)! Every time you wear these durable socks, think about how ancient and modern-day technology are coming together for your own comfort and enjoyment.


  • Size: 25-28cm (9.84"-11.02")
  • Materials: Japanese Paperyarn, Cotton, Acrylic fiber, Rayon, Nylon, Polyurethane
  • Made in Japan

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