Karesansui Zen Garden Kit


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Karesansui Zen Garden Kit
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Karesansui, commonly referred to as a zen garden, is a traditional Japanese garden style that uses white sand, rocks, and moss to represent a symbolic mountain and sea landscape. Because moss plays an important role in zen culture, this kit uses fujigoke, or freeze-dried moss, to preserve its fresh texture without watering it. You can experience nature's beauty by watching the moss slowly change color with age. Freely arrange the aspects of the rock garden within the beautiful wooden box, and enjoy your little world of karesansui.


  • Size: Package Height: 30mm (1.18") Package Width: 220mm (8.66") Package Depth: 100mm (3.93")
  • Materials: Freeze dried moss, Sand, Rock, Wooden stick, Wooden box
  • Made in Japan
  • Please avoid direct sunlight
  • When not in immediate use, please store in a cool and dark place

How to make Karesansui Zen Garden

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